Tips to Relieve a Winter Cough


winter 221x300 Tips to Relieve a Winter Cough Ah yes, that time is upon us once again! When the winter coolness begins to creep up on us slowly with its dryness and dustiness. There’s always something or the other that we don’t like about each season. Summer is too hot, while winter is too dry. And those months in between of moderate weather are very sparse.

Change in weather usually leads to a viral bug that everyone ends up catching, adults and children alike as its usually contagious. We’ve all gotten the winter blues whether it’s a runny nose or a throat scratching cough.

Although there isn’t a quick fix for it, there are some tips that you can utilize in your daily routine to help relieve your cough before it worsens.

Stay Warm

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The first precaution you can take is to keep yourself warm. The more you expose yourself to the weather outside, the bug will catch on just as fast and it won’t be pretty. Keep a cosy jacket on and don’t forget socks!

If you’re worried about not looking like a fashonista, then you’d be surprised with winter fashion these days! Warmth and style do come hand in hand but remember health always comes first.

 Stay Hydrated

cough home remedies 300x200 Tips to Relieve a Winter CoughIt’s important to stay hydrated. There’s already plenty of dryness in the atmosphere, you don’t need it in your body too. Your body needs moisture constantly so it’s wise to keep a water bottle with you at all times, make sure it’s not too chilly! That could worsen your throat.

Avoid Harsh Scents

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Avoid an overdose of scents such as perfumes and air fresheners. They really get to you, tickling your throat can lead to further irritation. Smoking should also be avoided and stay away from smokers who are near you. The pollution from smoking can further lead to health risks.


Hot Drinks

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It’s always good to intake food and hot beverages that will keep you warm and your body temperature moderate. Who doesn’t love a nice cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter day? And it’s helpful for that nasty cough too! A win win situation. Soup is a common favourite too and it comes in so many different flavors!

There’s always a solution out there. Take care of yourself. Be at the top of your game so you can combat any situation throughout the day. If you’re at your best, then the work you do will prove it. Keep healthy and strong!

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