The pioneering Pakistan Fashion Design Council 2015


The pioneering Pakistan Fashion Design Council 2015. Lahore – Pakistan Fashion Design Council Pioneer [PFDC] and L’Oréal Paris, the leading brand in the beauty of the world, presents Day-2 of the fifth PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week 2015 – a platform, efforts to define and present to create a contemporary and traditional Pakistani bridal wear during melting trends for hair and makeup wedding outfits for the upcoming season from 2015 to 2016.
The second day began with # PLBW2015 this bride Sana Safinaz followed by Fahad Hussain, Nickie Nina, Misha Lakhani, PFDC this new bridal designers offer by Yasser Sana and MAHGUL and House of Kamiar Rokni impregnated summarized below. Hair and makeup for Day 2 of the PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week 2015 creative team Nabila decorated with male models NGENTS.
This year the team PFDC L’Oreal Paris also aims to define both the bride hair and makeup. Furthermore, L’Oréal Paris in advance that its latest innovation in the digital beauty and Augmented Reality: The genius makeup. The overall implementation of smart phones, acts of genius makeup as a virtual mirror to test products and new looks, which can use their smartphones or tablets it users. L’Oréal Paris has also issued bulletins that looks created by makeup designer teams PLBW L’Oréal Paris makeup products the signature.
In continuation of its support for the platform of the Bank Alfalah Bank as partners and sponsors to meet the growing talent agent, the Bank Alfalah with Samsung, Marina Casas, Amrapali and custom design shoe fairs Planet show also hosted the event.
PFDC opened a new segment of the bridal week: PFDC Presents: New bridal designers. An independent and organic extension of the window more and more talent. As the name suggests, presents the new bridal design platform, the work of designers selected, edited and organized by the PFDC, who have been a maximum of 2, is active in the business and Wedding Design Detail years. This strong segments: Yasir Sana and enjoy MAHGUL – written two brands girlfriend capsule collections for this segment.

Maghul presents an A / W’15 bridal collection titled “Alive”. As for the inspiration of the collection can be found Vivante aesthetic plastic artist Rashid Mahgul, the ornaments and bosses collections “were largely inspired by aerial photographs of architecture and marked elevation drawings – merge these grounds with other organic still life studies such as vases of flowers and fruit, a contrast to create and juxtaposition of visual and narrative story telling about clothing trends are highlighted, including 3D sculptural ornaments, pants presentation service loads and high armholes, usually characterized as casual wear that, today as wedding dresses, the influences of origami accessories and modernization as a dupatta be used and the cover designers reinterpreted. Indian jewelers Vasundhara Pakistan worked with Maghul for jewelry for this showcase.

Nickie Nina: The designer label to follow next was Nickie Nina showed a bridal collection titled “Neh Shikar”. The collection is inspired by nature and wildlife conservation, and promotes the idea of ​​a loving environment of nature. This collection has a firm stand against the hunting of animals and nature and wildlife, which wraps – who has always been an integral part of the fashion industry. ‘Neh Shikar’ nature has taken as a work of art, something that will not be damaged or changed needs, but appreciated in his life existence. It was also inspired by the traditions of our culture, with classic cuts Rajput era, but with a modern twist. ‘Neh Shikar’ contains signature style Nickie Nina, weaving versatility to the workforce. A wide range of techniques, materials and colors were all lined in a box. Jacquard silk, organza and velvet connected with threaded and Zardozi, constitute a picturesque landscape of natural habitats.
Nickie Nina has traditional techniques such as Baluchi and Resham work zanjeera work used work fused with modern techniques such as glass. This combination of tradition and modernity was also seen in the color palette, where it was used the classic red and brown, with a range of modern pastel colors. Watching television personality Sethi took a sensational designer showcase.

Fahad Hussain
After Sana Safinaz Husayn Fahad presented a wedding collection entitled “Matam – New Couture”. The new collection exclusive wedding couture creations for men and women. The show featured an exclusive personalized track in partnership with singer Ali Sethi and music was built produced by Saad Sultan. Matam; Grief and intensity on the shown in a spectacular blaze of color and images concept craft Husayn Fahad Couture. The collection itself was around the anarchy in weddings and how they have developed into a national sport. Woven visualization and design inspiration from Chiniot its world famous crafts wood carvings, murals and architectural history meticulously with Iran and its influence on the development of this technology derived. The collection signature embroidered with silk thread woven delicate work good craftsmen.

custom networks in delicate organza, fabric, wire mesh and cloth son only point that has been made especially for this collection with creations Scripture Printing Museum. The cut was classic and minimalist with a variety of lengths and layers.

Sana Safinaz
It was on 2 PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week 2015 Sana Safinaz design duo that puts a collection of bridal entitled showed inaugurated “France Lesage.” The inspiration behind France Lesage was prepared by the journey of discovery with surface treatments and ornaments that were used in this collection. The silhouettes and cuts were inspired by the classic elegance of a bygone era, twisted to suit the modern woman of Pakistani development. Emphasis was placed on the total value was updated and maintained in the trend with the addition of cuts and long peplum jackets. He received a lot of attention to the thin threads of the seams of such design philosophy Innovative combination with a simple, timeless elegance, a bride Sana Safinaz is truly distinctive.

Sana Yasir

Yasser Sana bridal collection for PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week was impregnated in 2015 entitled “Falaknuma” – after the exquisite Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad, India. The collection is the embodiment of a woman with a noble heritage of the subcontinent Royal lineage is a close friend of their family heirlooms and stories of the glory days of the past and grew and grew in the modern world, if his style is a mix of classic details with modern Touch with cuts and modern style. References and motifs were inspired by the “Taj Falaknuma Palace” and was exquisite Italian Baroque and subcontinental architecture and interior.

The pioneering Pakistan Fashion Design Council 2015