Women tend to be very modern and ‘dress’ awareness. No matter what you choose to wear, they want to update the latest fashion.

Today abayas accumulated. A woman wearing the Abaya chooses to have a creative way by installing it in your wardrobe.


1) COLOR DARE DRESSING UP THE ABAYA: in the past were colored white abayas together. Today abayas colors become more frequent. Use pastel or bright colors printed in a relaxed atmosphere and a sophisticated look glance.

2) SET MATERIAL: made abaya fabric of the law can not be perfect. Gauze and silk are preferred due to their liquid nature.

3) designs DIZZY DRESSING UP THE ABAYA: bigger to think beyond when designing your Abaya. Keep loose and design, so that the fabric can be used to improve the design. For example, for a chiffon abaya, use folds on the back of the waist to make it look the waterfall.

4) SLEEVE Surgery DRESSING UP THE ABAYA: enter your abaya an advantage in plain sleeve design that complements the style. Crazy with designs from the sleeve, because nothing wrong. Some common options are the sleeves Abaya with bat wings, handcuffed, network or large silk sleeves.

5) LACE BLOCK DRESSING UP THE ABAYA : never look bad. Integrate tip or abaya its network; You can be in the sleeves, neck and hem, to get the look of casual elegance.

6) ACCESSORIES ATTENTION: buttons, nails and stones have to strap on the abaya. Accessorize the look with a delicate suspension ring and perhaps a statement. Opt for a stylish handbag to complete the look.

7) All BLACK DRESSING UP THE ABAYA : You know how they say when you wear red doubts. Well, it’s red black abaya. Black Abaya can be fitted in any way. Combine it with long and shiny shoes Neon shoulder bag for an elegant look.

abaya wearing styles

8) OPEN order: designing their abayas so that the illusion of an open front. Inside, use a printed fabric glam.

9) LIFE layers DRESSING UP THE ABAYA : layer your Abaya. Not shy, especially in winter, to throw in a leather jacket or a loose jacket.

10) SLIDE scarf DRESSING UP THE ABAYA : always good scarf to invest. Play abayas, printed with different styles and colors with friction, customize according to where you are going.

Pakistani Abaya

So, ladies, how you style your hair an abaya. These tips are your solution here wearing an abaya. This is a blend of fashion and modesty instilled together for a glamorous look modest. Dressing happy!