Sneakers Stuff x 10-Gruppen x Puma Trainers Collection 2014-2015


Swedish instructor seller Sneakersnstuff has teamed up with enterprise collective 10-gruppen as fragment of a three way alliance to give the Puma Suede a Scandinavian restoration. Twisted in Puma’s Japanese sweatshop, the mini-collection is made up of the Birgitta, Ingela and Tom, each manufactured in colorful textiles from Swedish proposal house 10-gruppen.The presented palette spins around murky and white color ways with added blazes of blue, decided in a mix of line, sprinkled and brushstroke prints.To dent each brand’s contribution, each shoe conveys the trio’s logos on the patois and inner sole, in adding to Puma and Sneakers stuff heel imprints and a gold name indicator on the side.

Sneakers stuff says the collaboration is a compliment to the bequest of 10-gruppen: an self-governing brand which is ongoing out in the seventies with ten originators who wanted to push against the discreet appealing of Sweden at the time by Sneakers stuff x 10-Gruppen x Puma Trainers Collection 2014-2015.


A supplementary video tourist attractions is the origins of each involved, foremost up to the most current teamwork of sneakers. You would love being part of these shoes. Sartorial is one of the burning matters that have happened in the recent epoch for many countries. Nationwide and intercontinental fashion designers are casing up the trends into one package. We all know that dressing is the essential of fashion but yet there are approximately else’s which should be kept in concentration for that specific look.

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Recently the Sneakers stuff x 10-Gruppen x Puma Trainers Collection 2014-2015 arrivals would make you go all round with astonishing collection of winter.Every kind of sneakers style is available in market under the name Puma trainers. The patterns and the complexion used is overwhelming. This winter is going to be huge with Puma trainers of shoes. The world is just like your style runway every day and makes you feel like a man of style. All the winter collection would make your walk just perfect it could be like from expensive Sneakers stuff x 10-Gruppen x Puma Trainers Collection 2014-2015.

Good-looking variety colorful ladies sneakers are available for self-assured women. Your winter fantcy begins with Puma trainers sneakers. You have been precisely cracked about what to wear on winter like suddenly updating your winter dress shoes would have additional particular reputation to well-meaning yours. It would have some marvelous natural style and mark on your expression and looks. Trust us you would go all the appealing these sneakers stuff. For a long time striking shoes have been a daydream of a people but now Sneakers stuff x 10-Gruppen x Puma Trainers Collection 2014-2015 has provided them a fantasy come true. The fascination of a women look diverse is not only for dresses and make up but also for winter sneakers too.Sneakers-stuff-x-10-Gruppen-x-Puma-Trainers-Collection-2014-2015 Sneakers-stuff-x-10-Gruppen-x-Puma-Trainers-Collection-2014-20152 Sneakers-stuff-x-10-Gruppen-x-Puma-Trainers-Collection-2014-20153 Sneakers-stuff-x-10-Gruppen-x-Puma-Trainers-Collection-2014-20154 Sneakers-stuff-x-10-Gruppen-x-Puma-Trainers-Collection-2014-20155 Sneakers-stuff-x-10-Gruppen-x-Puma-Trainers-Collection-2014-20157 Sneakers-stuff-x-10-Gruppen-x-Puma-Trainers-Collection-2014-20158 Sneakers-stuff-x-10-Gruppen-x-Puma-Trainers-Collection-2014-20159