Protect your Child from Pneumonia Infection


Pakistan is amongst those countries where pneumonia infection is prevalent. Around 3.6 million newborns die in the first month of their life due to various infections. Neonatal death comprises 41% of almost all child deaths throughout the world.  Pneumonia is one such infection that requires immediate blocking and immunization to protect your child right from the birth time.


Pneumonia is caused by a virus or bacteria and causes symptoms such as cold, fever, lung infection and difficulty in breathing etc. Pneumonia vaccine is the administration of weakened pathogens into your child’s body which provides him immunity against this opportunistic infection. Your child is prone to infections even in day care so it is important to that you provide him with pneumatically and other vaccines such as: Hepatitis B, Polio and D Tap vaccines.


When should Pneumatically Vaccine be Administered: PV prevents your child from bacterial Meningitis and Pneumonia. Your child is the most vulnerable being of your house who can easily catch pneumonia. This vaccine is administered in the form of four injection shots starting from 2nd month and then administered at 4 months, 6 months and between 12th – 15th months of his life.


Give your child the course of Pneumatically Vaccine to ensure his health and its maintenance. Pneumatically vaccine is for healthy kids; if your child is sick, you need to avoid the injections because they might cause allergic reaction.