The Character of a Covetous Citizen Or a Ready Way to Get Riches a Poem
The Quack Doctors a Satire in Hudibrastic Stile
The Airs Duets Trios Chorusses c in the New Musical Farce of Love in a Camp Or Patrick in Prussia Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden Written by the Author of the Poor Soldier c
A Copy of a Letter Wrote by a Young Shephrd [sic] to His Friend in Borrowdale to Which Is Added a Glossary of the Cumberland Words
The Use of the Sector in the Construction of Solar Eclipses Wherein as a Proper Example Is Contained the Construction of the Great Eclipse Which Will Happen May 111724 for London Edenburgh Rome and Genoa
A Catalogue of Minerals in the Museum of Andersons Institution Glasgow
A Narrative of the Insults Offered to the King on His Way to and from the House of Lords on Thursday Last To Which Is Subjoined the Proceedings in Both Houses of Parliament by an Eye-Witness
A Conference Between Veritas and Investigator Upon the Subjects and Mode of Baptism by Philalethes
A Letter to Dr Snape Occasiond by His Letter to the Bishop of Bangor Wherein the Doctor Is Answerd and Exposd Paragraph by Paragraph by a Layman of Conscience and Common Sense the Third Edition
An Epistle to Dr Young
The Aerial Voyage a Poem Inscribed to Richard Crosbie Esq
A Specimen of the Scots Review
An Exact Account of the Form and Ceremony of His Majestys Coronation as It Was Solemnly Performd in the Collegiate Church at Westminster on Wednesday the 20th Day of October 1714
The Church of Englands Complaint Against the Irregularities of Some of Its Clergy by a Presbyter of the Church of England
A Medical Essay with Observations Towards Ascertaining a New Safe and Easy Method for Promoting the Eruption and Completing the Maturation in the Small Pox by Alex Sutherland
A Short Account of the Association for a Periodical Tontine for the Benefit of Children and Persons of All Ages
The Trial of the Honourable Mrs Gloriana Strut Before Lord Peter Chairman of the Committee Held in the Council-Chamber Near the Gates of Paradise
A Letter Humbly Addressed to the Right Honourable the Earl of Chesterfield by Mrs Teresia Constantia Muilman
The Tryal of John Peter Zenger of New-York Printer Who Was Lately Tryd and Acquitted for Printing and Publishing a Libel Against the Government the Fourth Edition
The Necessity and Advantages of Closet Religion by a Private Christian
The English Garden Book the Second
A Sermon Preachd from I Cor 11 30 Upon a Day of Solemn Fasting and Humiliation by the Late Reverend Mr Nathanael Mather
A Letter on the Preliminaries of Peace
A Specimen of Cast Ornaments by Wm Caslon Letter-Founder to the King
The Rights of the House of Austria to the Spanish Succession Published by Order of His Imperial Majesty and Translated from the Original Printed at Vienna
The Case of Anthony dAlmanza Shewing the Justice of His Cause Against David Davila and Samuel Davila Brothers and Jews
The Nature and Design of Christianity Extracted from a Late Author by the Revd David Simpson Ma
The State of Human Nature Delineated as Deliverd in a Latin Oration Before the President and Fellows of the College of Physicians on the Festival of St Luke 1734 by John Hollings MD Translated Into English
An Exhortation to Faithfulness and Constancy in the Profession of the Gospel a Farewel Sermon Preachd in the English Chapel at Smyrna August 12th 1716 by Samuel Lisle
An Answer to the Examination of the Remarks on the Account of a Controversy Between the Author of the Trial of Mr Whitefields Spirit and Benjamin Mills in a Second Letter to a Friend
An Earnest and Pressing Call to Keep Holy the Lords Day Addressed Equally to the Rich and Poor of His Flock with Suitable Directions to Be Observed for That Purpose by H Venn
An Alarm to a Careless World a Discourse Occasioned by the Late Earthquakes Preached November 30 1755 at St Dunstans in the West the Twelfth Edition by William Romaine
The Case of John Nelson Written by Himself
An Essay on Human Life by the Right Honourable Lord Pagett the Fourth Edition Corrected and Much Enlargd by the Author
The Sacred Authority of Christian Bishops and the Piety of Praying for Them in Prison Recommended in a Sermon Preachd at Rochester Cathedral Octber [sic] 7 1722 by Charles Chambres the Third Edition
A Letter from J Keyser Surgeon and Chymist of Paris to Mr Jonathan Wathen Surgeon of London to Which Is Added a Letter from the Learned Professor Le Cat
A Sermon Preachd Before the Right Worshipful the Mayor and Corporation of the Town and County of Nottingham in the Parish Church of St Mary December 3 1702 by Edward Clarke
The Boasting Pharisee Rejected and the Penitent Publican Pardoned A Sermon Occasioned by the Death of Mr Robert Seally Preached at Southampton Nov 8 1778 with Some Account of the Deceased by William Kingsbury
The Foundation of Submission to Our Governors Considered a Sermon Preachd at the Parish-Church of St Olave Southwark On Sunday November the 20th 1715 by Hugh Boulter
The Irishman in London Or the Happy African a Farce in Two Acts Performed at the Theatre-Royal Covent-Garden
The True Foundation of a Nations Greatness a Sermon Preached at the Assizes Held at York March 7 1724 by Thomas Clarke
The Trinity a Poem by Matthew Tomlinson MA
The Representation and Petition of Several Ministers of the Gospel to the General Assembly Met at Edinburgh May 1721 with the 5th Act of Assembly May 1720 to Which It Relates
An Address to the Inhabitants of the County of Lincoln on the Means of National Defence
The King and the Miller of Mansfield a Dramatic Tale as It Was Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by R Dodsley
A Guide to Gentlemen and Farmers for Brewing the Finest Malt-Liquors Much Better and Cheaper Than Hitherto Known the Second Edition with an Addition of 25 Receipts by a Country Gentleman
The Occasional Paper Upon the Subject of Religion and the Church Establishment And the Present Attempts Against Them
Extracts from an Humble Inquiry Into the Scripture Account of Jesus Christ by Thomas Emlyn [three Lines from I Corinthians]
A Letter to the Right Reverend Father in God George Lord Bishop of Exeter in Defence of Those Principles of the Methodists Objected to in His Lordships Charge by a Clergyman of the Church of England the Second Edition
Antiochus the Great Or the Fatal Relapse a Tragedy as It Is Now Acted at the New-Theatre in Lincolns-Inn-Fields by His Majestys Servants Written by Mrs Jane Wiseman
St Pauls Parting Appeal to the Church at Ephesus Considered in a Sermon Preached on Sunday June 21st 1789 at Pentonville Chapel Near Islington by J A Knight
Swearing a Satire with a Preface to the Swearer Some Verses on the Late Judgments of God and on the Death of His Royal Highness Frederick Prince of Wales by J Taperell
The Duty of Peace Amongst the Members of the Same State Civil or Ecclesiastical Impartially Laid Down and Recommended a Sermon by James Gardiner
New-River a Poem by William Garbott
Reliqui Rudbeckian Sive Camporum Elysiorum Libri Primi Olim AB Olao Rudbeckio Patre Et Filio Upsali Anno 1702 Editi Qu Supersunt Adjectis Nominibus Linn anis Cura Jacobi Edvardi Smith
Three Letters Written by Richard Hill Esq to the Rev J Fletcher Vicar of Madeley in the Year 1773 Setting Forth Mr Hills Reasons for Declining Any Further Controversy Relative to Mr Wesleys Principles
Vox Stellarum Or a Loyal Almanack for the Year of Human Redemption MDCCXCVI by Francis Moore
Compassion to the Poor Recommended in a Sermon Preached at Melton-Mowbray Leicestershire on Sunday December 1 1782 by Thomas Ford
Meat Out of the Eater and Sweetness Out of the Strong a Sermon Preachd at Malden September 28th 1735 by Joseph Emerson AM Pastor of a Church in Said Town [seven Lines of Scripture Texts]
National Peace the Source of National Prosperity a Sermon Delivered at Franklin on the Day of Annual Thanksgiving December 15th MDCCXCVI by Nathanael Emmons AM Pastor of the Church in Franklin
Some Considerations on the Doctrine of the Trinity
The Use of Shooting Flying Familiarly Explaind by Way of Dialogue Containing Directions for the Choice of Guns for Various Occasions with Many Useful Hints
The Progress of Wit A Caveat for the Use of an Eminent Writer by a Fellow of All-Souls to Which Is Prefixd an Explanatory Discourse to the Reader by Gamaliel Gunson
Thoughts on the French Revolution a Sermon Delivered November 20 1794 Being the Day of Annual Thanksgiving by Samuel Stillman DD Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Boston
Views of Ancient Buildings in England Drawn in Different Tours and Engravd by John Carter Commencing 1764 of 6 Volume 1
La Semiramide a Musical Drama in Two Acts Performed at the Kings Theatre in the Haymarket the Music by Bianchi the Subject and Incidents of Drama Are Taken from Voltairs [sic] Tragedy of Semiramis
What Think Ye of the Congress Now Or an Inquiry How Far Americans Are Bound to Abide by and Execute the Decisions Of the Late Congress [eight Lines from General Conway]
Variety a Tale for Married People the Fifth Edition
Serious Advice and Warning to Servants More Especially Those of the Nobility and Gentry by Thomas Broughton the Sixth Edition with Additions
On Baptism Being the Substance of a Discourse Delivered in the Dissenters Meeting-House at Beverley in Yorkshire at the Baptism of the Rev P Feists Child on Wednesday April 11th 1792 by S Barnard
Views of Ancient Buildings in England Drawn in Different Tours and Engravd by John Carter Commencing 1764 of 6 Volume 5
To the Gentlemen Land-Owners in the Parts of South-Holland in the County of Lincoln
The Hubbub Or the History of Farmer Russel the Hard-Hearted Overseer
The Country Correspondent Being a Letter from a Country Gentleman to a Friend in Town
A Sermon Preached in the Cathedral Church in Chester on Wednesday the 30th of January Being the Anniversary of the Martyrdom of King Charles the First by Thomas Bancroft
The Demagogue by Theophilus Thorn Esq the Second Edition with Important Additions
The Parliament of Birds with an Account of the Late and Present Ministry
A Collection of Above Nine Hundred Scots Proverbs by Allan Ramsay
The Last Will and Testament of General George Washington with a Schedule of His Property Directed to Be Sold
An Oration on the Influence of Social Institution Upon Human Morals and Happiness Delivered Before the Tammany Society at Their Anniversary on the Twelfth of May 1796 by T Wortman [five Lines from Burke]
A Defence of the New-England Charters by Jer Dummer [two Lines in Latin from Sallust]
The Old Serpents Reply to the Electrical Eel a New Edition with Additions
The Speech of the Hon Thomas Erskine at a Meeting of the Friends to the Liberty of the Press at Free-Masons Tavern Dec 22 1792 with the Resolutions c of That Truly Patriotic Society
The Reverend Arthur OLearys Caution to the Common People of Ireland Against Perjury So Frequent at Assizes and Elections
The American Village a Poem to Which Are Added Several Other Original Pieces in Verse by Philip Freneau AB [two Lines in Latin from Horace]
A Representation of Facts Relative to the Rise and Progress of the Cotton Manufacture in Great Britain with Observations on the Means of Extending and Improving This Valuable Branch of Trade
The Naval Review a Poem Inscribed to the Right Honourable Sir Charles Saunders by the Rev Robert English the Third Edition
An Address to the People of Great Britain by R Watson Second Edition
A Slight Sketch of the Connection Between Great Britain and Ireland in a Letter from a Gentleman in Dublin to His Friend in the Country
The Farmers Catechism Or the Farmer-Field Spiritualized by Way of Question and Answer Being Collected and Gathered from the Sacred Scripture by George Frazer Late Farmer of Rack-Miln a New Edition Corrected and Enlarged
The History of the Wicked Life and Horrid Death of Dr John Faustus Shewing How He Sold Himself to the Devil
A Friendly Address to the Poor by a Magistrate of the County of Derby Second Edition
The Temple of Fame and an Ode for Music on St Cecilias Day by Alexander Pope Esq
A Sermon Preachd at York to a Congregation of Protestant Dissenters on the 27th of November 1757 Just Upon Receiving the Account of the King of Prussias Victory on the 5th of That Month by Newcome Cappe the Fourth Edition
A Sermon Preachd at the Assizes Held at Kingston Upon Thames on Friday March 25 1743 by William Allen
The Danger and Mischiefs of Popery Set Forth by the Late Bishop of London in His Fifth Pastoral Letter
The Just and Pious Magistrate a Sermon Preachd at St Lawrences Church September the 29th 1702 by R Altham
An Humble and Modest Address to the Most Reverend the Archbishops and to the Right Reverend the Bishops Concerning the Extraordinary Progress of Popery in the Capital and Over the Whole Nation
A Sermon Preachd in Lambeth-Chapel at the Consecration of William Lord Bishop of Carlisle on Sunday June 14th 1702 by Edmund Gibson
The Enemies of Good Kings Clothed with Shame and Their Crowns Flourishing Upon Themselves a Sermon Preachd in Maid-Lane in Southwark Octob 20th Being the Anniversary of King Georges Coronation by O Hughes
A Sermon Preached to the Societies for Reformation of Manners at StMary-Le-Bow on Monday January the 4th 1724 by Edward Lord Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield
A Sermon Suitable to the Times Preached at St Marys Oxford on Sunday the 18th the Seventh Edition
The Advantages and Abuses of Learning Considered a Sermon Preachd in the Church of Crewkerne Before the Gentlemen Who Were Educated at the Grammar-School There on the Second Day of September 1747 by Thomas Hare
The Power of Charity to Cover Sin a Sermon Preachd Before the President and Governors of the Hospitals of Bridewell and Bethlehem in Bridewell-Chapel August 16 1694 by Ffrancis [sic] Atterbury
A Sermon Explaining and Vindicating the Miracle of Jesus Christ in Raising from Death to Life the Widows Son of Nain Preachd in the Parish-Church of Camerton on Sunday the 9th of September 1733 by Henry Brookes
The Power of Violence and Resolution When Applyd to Religion a Sermon Preachd at the Morning Lecture in Exon on Thursday Sept 9 1714 by William Bartlet
A Plain Discovery What They Would Be AT in Some Seasonable Relections on a Late Pamphlet Entituld the Protestant Dissenters Hopes from the Present Government Freely Declard
The Means of Grace a Sermon on Malachi III7 by John Wesley
The Expostulation and Advice of Samuel to the Men of Israel Applied a Sermon Preachd Before the University of Oxford at St Marys Oct 9 1746 by John Burton
The Designs of the Death of Christ A Sermon Delivered in October 1794 at Parliament-Court Chapel Artillery-Street by William Vidler
The Nature and Design of Christianity Extracted from a Late Author the Fifth Edition
A Sermon Preached at Barbican on Sunday August 16 1741 on Occasion of the Death of the Late Reverend and Learned Mr Thomas Emlyn by James Foster
The Sufferings and Satisfaction of Christ Being the Substance of a Discourse Deliverd in the North of Ireland in the Year 1752 by John Cennick
An Answer to the Reverend Dr Snapes Letter to the Bishop of Bangor by Benjamin Lord Bishop of Bangor the Ninth Edition
The Manner in Which the Protestant Dissenters Perform Prayer in Public Worship Represented and Vindicated In a Letter to the Rev Richard Mant Second Edition with Additions by William Kingsbury AM
A Sermon Preachd Before the Rt Honble the Lords in the Collegiate Church of Westminster on Saturday the Thirtieth Day of January MDCCII by William Lord Bishop of Carlile
A Sermon Preachd Before the Right Honourable the Lord-Mayor Aldermen and Livery-Men of the Several Companies of London at the Parish-Church of St Lawrence Jewry September 29th 1705 by Benjamin Hoadly the Second Edition
A Sermon Inoculation a Presumptuous Practice Destructive to Man by Joseph Greenhill
A Speech on the Characters and Deaths of the Rev John William Reid and John Sargint Esq Delivered from the Chair of the Historical Society Dublin on Wednesday the Twelfth of December 1798 by John Jebb
A Letter to a Member of Parliament Concerning the Bill for Preventing the Growth of Schism by Richard Steele Esq
The Character of an Independent Whig the Second Edition
An Answer to Dr Bakers Essay Concerning the Cause of the Endemial Colic of Devonshire Wherein the Cyder of That County Is Exculpated from the Accusation Brought Against It by That Gentleman
Considerations on the Mode and Terms of a Treaty of Peace with America [one Line of Quotation in Latin]
Medic 1978 Hahnemann Medical College and Hospital
What Would Dolly Do How to Be a Diamond in a Rhinestone World
An Answer to That Important Question Whether It Is Lawful for the Professors of the Christian Religion to Go to Plays with Some Soliloquies Annexed
A Serious Reflection on the Grievous Scandal of Prophane Language in Conversation by Josiah Woodward DD the Second Edition
A Brief Essay Concerning the Soul of Man Shewing What and How Noble a Being It Is to Which Is Added a Short Answer to That Weighty Enquiry Watchman What of the Night by Robert Bragge
A Sermon Preached in the Parish-Church of St James Colchester on Sunday the 24th of August 1788 for the Benefit of the Charity School by Robert Acklom Ingram
A Sermon Preached on Saturday the Fourth of May 1745 at the Funeral of the Late Lady Gore in the Parish Church of Cellbridge by the Reverend Mr Samuel Shepherd
A Sermon Preached at St Lawrences Church on Thursday April 27 1775 Before His Royal Highness William Duke of Gloucester President and the Governors of the London-Hospital at Mile-End by the Rev Matthew Audley
An Address to English Protestants of Every Class and Denomination Recommending a Conscientious Attendance on Public Religious Offices by Neither a Bigot Nor Enthusiast But a Friend to Society
An Epistle to Gorges Edmond Howard Esq with Notes Explanatory Critical and Historical by George Faulkner
Istoria Desuoi Tempi Vol 2
A Description of the Freedom Box Voted by the City of London to the Hon Augustus Keppel Admiral of the Blue to Which Is Prefixed a Succinct Account of His Public Services
A Conference with an Arian Occasiond by Mr Whistons Reply to the Right Honourable the Earl of Nottingham
The Poor Soldier a Comic Opera in Two Acts as It Is Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane
The Reply of the Jews to the Letters Addressed to Them by Doctor Joseph Priestley by Solomon de A R
A Christian Alarm to the Enemies of Charity and Moderation in a Sermon Occasiond by the Late Disturbances and Preachd at St Andrews Holborn March 19 1710 by George Ollyffe
An Answer to Pains Rights of Man by John Adams Esq
A Letter from Mr Fisher to the Burgesses and Others of His Congregation Who Have Withdrawn from His Ministry Because He Cannot Condemn the Burgess Oath
A Seasonable Caution to the Members of This New Parliament Written and Put Out Against Their Sitting October 20th 1702 by One That Holds Communion with the Church
A Poetical Epistle from Mrs Elizabeth W--- ---S to Mr John W--- ---S with an Apology in Her Particular Case for Ad--T--Y
A Discourse on the Torpedo Delivered at the Anniversary Meeting of the Royal Society November 30 1774 by Sir John Pringle Baronet President Published by Their Order
The Prospect of the Future Judgment Fit to Restrain Vicious Affections and to Engage Betimes in an Holy Course a Funeral Sermon for John Fryer Esq Who Departed This Life at Wherwell in Hampshire on the 16th of August 1724 by Jacob Ball
The Church Catechism with Paraphrases Illustrative Notes and References to Scripture Also an Introduction of the Nature and Use of Baptism Confirmation and the Eucarist to Which Is Added a Summary Conclusion by Thomas Pratt
The Gracious Errand of Christ Or the Christian Religion Unspeakably Beneficial to Men a Sermon Delivered at an Association of Ministers Held at Coggeshall Essex September 9 1794 by Richard Fry
The Universal Passion Satire III to the Right Honourable Mr Dodington
The Subjects Duty a Sermon Preachd at the Parish-Church of St Dunstan in the West on Thursday March the 8th 1704 5 Being the Anniversary Day of Her Majestys Happy Accession to the Throne by Ofspring Blackall
A Sermon Preachd at the Assizes for the County of Essex Held at Chelmsford March the 8th 1710 by H de Luzancy
The Cave of Morar the Man of Sorrows a Legendary Tale in Two Parts
The French Flogged Or the British Sailors in America a Farce of Two Acts as It Was Performed at the Theatre Royal Covent-Garden
A Letter to W Tighe Esq Upon the Subject of Absentees by N Gay Esq the Second Edition
A Sermon on the Death of the Rt Honorable Anthony Earl of Harold Preached at the Church of St Paul in Bedford the 29th of September 1723
A Letter Balancing the Causes of the Present Scarcity of Our Silver Coin and the Means of Immediate Remedy and Future Prevention of This Evil Addressed to the Right Honourable the Earl of Powis
The Object of Religious Worship Considered a Sermon Preached on New Years Day 1747 for the Benefit of the Charity-School in Gravel-Lane Southwark by Timothy Jollie
The Pains and Terrors of a Wounded Conscience Insupportable a Sermon Preachd Before the Queen at Saint Jamess Chappel on the 3D of March 1701 2 by Sir William Dawes
The Sacred Authority of Christian Bishops and the Piety of Praying for Them in Prison Recommended in a Sermon Preachd at Rochester Cathedral October 7 1722 by Charles Chambres the Second Edition
The Progress of Moral Corruption a Sermon Preached at St Thomass Jan 1 1778 by Hugh Worthington Jun
A Sermon Preached at St Lawrence Church Ipswich on Sunday February 17 1793 by the Rev Thomas Freeman
A Plain Path-Way Opened to the Simple-Hearted for the Answering All Doubts and Objections by Stephen Crisp to Which Is Added an Invitation from the Spirit of Christ by Humphrey Smith
A Short Review of the Quicksilver Controversy in a Letter to Dr Dover by a Mercurialist
An Answer to That Part of Dr Bretts Sermon Which Relates to the Incapacity of Persons Not Episcopally Ordaind to Administer Christian Baptism in a Letter to the Doctor
The Hope of the Righteous in Death a Sermon Preached at the New Chapel in the Parish of Stapleton October 6 at the Interment of Dr Joseph Mason Who Departed This Life Sept 28 1779 by Caleb Evans
An Answer to the Question Whether It Appears from the Writings of the Apostles That They Believed the Day of Judgment to Be at Hand the Result of an Examination Into Several Parts of the New Testament
A New Argument Against Transubstantiation Adapted to the Roman Controversy at Present Revivd in a Letter to the Author of a Book Entitld Discourses of Religion the Duke of Buckinghams Conference with Father Fitzgerald
A Sermon Preached at Christ-Church in Newgate Street on Monday the 21st of September Before the Right Honourable Sir Matthew Blakiston and the Governors of the Several Hospitals in This City
A Discourse Delivered in Newmarket at the Particular Request of a Respectable Musical Choir to a Numerous Assembly Convened for Celebrating the Birth-Day of the Illustrious Washington
A Sermon Preached at the Anniversary Meeting of the Sons of the Clergy in the Cathedral Church of St Paul on Thursday May 16 1782 by William Jones
An Authentick Account of Several Things Agreed Upon by the Dissenting Ministers Lately Assembled at Salters-Hall Viz I Advices for Peace II the Letter Sent with the Advices to Exeter III Reasons for Not Subscribing 1718-9
A Vindication of the Royal Martyr King Charles I from the Irish Massacre in the Year 1641 Cast Upon Him in the Life of Richard Baxter Wrote by Himself and Since in the Abridgment by E Calamy the Third Edition
A Definition of Terms and Tables of Specific Attraction As Used in Courses of General Chemistry Given by J Warltire Lecturer Upon Experimental Philosophy and Chemistry
A Sermon Delivered at the Ordination of the Rev Reed Paige MA to the Pastoral Care of the Church in Hancock State of New Hampshire September 21st MDCCXCI by Thomas Holt MA [five Lines of Scripture Texts]
The Nature Obligation and Importance of Christian Compassion Illustrated In a Sermon Preached Before the Middlesex Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons in Framingham in 1796
The Testimony of the Ancient Church Proper and Decisive Evidence in Controversies in Divinity a Sermon Preached Before the University of Oxford at St Marys on Sunday Aug 8 1736 by Joseph Edwards
The Substance of a Speech Delivered by Randle Jackson at the East-India House in Support of a Restriction of the Honourable the Court of Directors for Conducting the Shipping of the East-India Company in Future
A Select Catalogue of the Most Approved English Books of T Cadell Bookseller (Successor to Mr Millar) at Buchanans Head Opposite Catharine-Street in the Strand London
The Propriety and Usefulness of Sacred Musick a Sermon Preachd in the Cathedral-Church of Gloucester September 8 1742 by William Taswell
The Sunday School
The Loss of the Handkerchief an Heroic-Comic Poem in Four Cantos by Mr Wright
The Unhappy Birth Wicked Life and Miserable Death of That Vile Traytor and Apostle Judas Iscariot Who for Thirty-Pieces of Silver Betrayd His Lord
A True and Faithful Account of the Greatest Wonder Produced by Nature These 3000 Years in the Person of Mr Jehan-Paul-Ernest Christian Lodovick Manpferdt The Surprizing Centaur
The Law of Faith Opposed to the Law of Works in a Letter to a Friend Occasioned by a Circular Letter Published by the Elders and Messengers of Several Baptist Churches 1786 by John Bradford
A Sermon Preached in Lambeth Chapel on Sunday January 3 1724 at the Consecration of Robert Lord Bishop of Landaff by Richard Mayo
A Sermon Occasiond by the Happy Accession of King George to the Throne of Great Britain c by Strickland Gough
A Sermon Preachd Before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor at the Cathedral Church of St Paul on January 30th 1702 by R Altham
A Sermon Preachd Before the Honourable House of Commons at St Margarets Westminster on Friday January XXX 1729 by Samuel Croxall DD
The Doctrine of Justification by Faith in Jesus Christ Stated from the Scriptures and Homilies of the Church of England by a Clergyman
A Discourse of Confirmation in a Dialogue Between the Minister of a Parish and a Young Servant Maid Named Sarah by Edward Synge the Fourth Edition Corrected
A Short Answer to a Long Rabbinical Letter Supposed to Be Wrote to Mr Woolston by William Gardiner
A Sermon Preached September 29th 1771 by John Bacon AM the Next Lords Day After He Was Instaled [sic] and the Reverend Mr John Hunt AM Ordained Colleague Pastors of the South Church in Boston
A Discourse on Friendship by Jonathan Bird AM [three Lines of Scripture Text]
A Serious Address to Youth of Both Sexes on the Necessity and Advantages of Early Piety by T Bryson
A Discourse Delivered at Hallowell at the Opening of the Academy in That Place May 5 1795 by Alden Bradford AM SHS Pastor of the Church in Pownalborough [five Lines of Quotations]
A Treatise Concerning Marriage Wherein the Unlawfulness of Mixt-Marriages Is Laid Open by Moses West
A Sermon Preached at the Church of St Peter Le Poor London on Sunday April 7 1793 for the Benefit of the Philanthropic-Society by the Rev John Fresselicque
A Discourse Delivered on the Fast-Day in February 1799 in the Church of St Lawrence Winchester by the Rev Henry Gabell
The Pocket-Farrier or Approved Receipts Collected from Different Authors With an Intent to Cure or Assist Any Immediate Accidents to a Horse Till Further Help Can Be Got
A Brief Enquiry Concerning the Dignity of the Ordinance of the Lords Supper and the Care That All Especially Magistrates and Ministers Ought to Take to Prevent and Remove the Occasions of Its Being Lessened
A Sermon Delivered at Charlestown July 23 1797 by Thomas Cary AM Pastor of the First Church in Newbury-Port Published at the Request of the Hearers To Whom It Is Respectfully Inscribed
A Sermon Preachd at the Consecration of the Right Reverend Father in God Edmund LD Bishop of Lincoln at Somerset-House Chappel on Sunday February 12 1715-16 by Hugh Boulter
The Advantages of Religious Knowledge a Sermon Preached in St Thomass January 1 1756 for the Benefit of the Charity-School in Gravel-Lane Southwark by A Kippis
The History and the Mystery of Good-Friday by Robert Robinson the Eighth Edition
The Dying Believer the Substance of a Sermon Occasioned by the Much Lamented Death of the Rev William Romaine Who Departed This Life July 26 1795 by Thomas Wills Taken in Short Hand by Job Sibley
An Essay on Education by John Milton
A Scheme for the Coalition of Parties Humbly Submitted to the Publick the Second Edition
The Duty of Subjects to Their Prince Set Forth and Inforced In a Discourse Delivered in the Parish Church of Newbury On Sunday November 2 1760 on Occasion of the Accession of George III to the Throne by Thomas Penrose
The Design of Publishing the Gospel a Sermon Preachd at All-Saints in Derby September 20 1730 by Gilbert Michell
An Account of Certain Proceedings and Depositions Relative to the Case of Squire Pam from the Notes and Observations of William Singleton Parish Clerk and Published by Order of the Parish Clerks of the City of Dublin
The Farewell
The Traveller or a Prospect of Society a Poem Inscribed to the Rev Mr Henry Goldsmith by Oliver Goldsmith MB
A Pipe of Tobacco In Imitation of Six Several Authors
Divine Providence Exemplified in a Singular Deliverance at Sea
Speech of John Allen Esqr in the House of Representatives Friday the 20th Day of April 1798 Relative to Employing the Armed Vessels as Convoys
Friderici Hoffmanni de Differente Artis Medic Et Medicorum Conditione AC Statu Pr fatio Operum Suorum Omnium Editioni Pr fixa
The Munchers and Guzlers Diary the Wits the Critics the Conundrumists the Farmers the Petit-Maitres Pocket Companion by Noureddin Alraschin
Appendix to Mr Beresfords Narrative of Circumstances Attending His Marriage with Miss Hamilton
The Tonometer Explaining and Demonstrating by an Easie Method in Numbers and Proportion All the 32 Distinct and Different Notes Adjuncts or Suppliments Contained in Each of Four Octaves Inclusive of the Gamut by Ambrose Warren
One Article of the Duty of Garter King of Arms Is to Make Diligent Enquiries After the Military Acts of the Knights Companions
An Extract of Some Physico-Mathematical Discourses Contained in Mr Cotess Hydrostatical and Pneumatical Lectures Printed for the Use of Those That Go the Course of Experiments
Essay on Nautical Surveying by a Dalrymple Originally Published in 1771 Second Edition
Mankind Accountable Creatures a Sermon Occasioned by the Death of the Right Honourable the Lady Viscountess Glenorchy Preached in Her Ladyships Chapel Edinburgh July 30 1786 by T S Jones
Slavery Inconsistent with Justice and Good Policy Proved by a Speech Delivered in the Convention Held at Danville Kentucky by the Rev David Rice
A Caution to the Inhabitants of Dublin By a Freeman of Dublin
Letter to the Nobility and Gentry Composing the Committee for Raising the Naval Pillar or Monument Under the Patronage of His Royal Highness the Duke of Clarence In Answer to the Letter of John Flaxman by Alexander Dufour
Sanguine Lovers Or the Irish Cry a Poem by the Author of a Divine Paraphrase
General Introduction to the Charts and Memoirs Published by a Dalrymple Originally Printed in 1772 Second Edition
Arms of the Irish Nobility and Tables of Dates to Family Honours by John Millan
Sun-Beams May Be Extracted from Cucumbers But the Process Is Tedious an Oration Pronounced on the Fourth of July 1799 at the Request of the Citizens of New-Haven by David Daggett
Vindicators Remarks on Sarsfields Letters Which Appeared in Four Numbers of the Dublin Evening Post Beginning 26th August and Ending 2D of September
To the Memory of Edward Russel Late Earl of Orford from His Character by Anthony Hammond Esq An Essay
Legal Considerations on the Regency as Far as It Regards Ireland
An Alarum to the People of Great-Britain and Ireland In Answer to a Late Proposal for Uniting These Kingdoms Shewing the Fatal Consequences Particularly Offered to the Parliament Now Sitting in Ireland by N Archdall Esq
The Philosophic Whim Or Astronomy a Farce in the Old Thespian Manner Being a New and Humorous Display of the Universe by the Author of Dramatic Genius
Three Short Political Poems Addressed to the Society for Preserving Liberty and Property Against Levellers and Republicans by John Parrish
The Spirit of Christianity and the Spirit of Popery Compared Together in a Sermon Preached in the Parish-Church of Aylsham in Norfolk Nov 5th 1721 by Jonathan Wrench
A Letter to the Revd Mr Enty in Answer to His Slanderous Pamphlet Intitled a Preservative Against Several Abuses and Corruptions of Reveld Religion c Being a Defense of Several Notes and Discourses Containd in a Book
A Letter to a Member of Parliament with Some Few Remarks on the ACT Made for the Better Regulation of Attornies and Sollicitors Together with Animadversions on the Grievances the Subjects of England
The Rational Method of Preaching Exemplified by the Great Apostle of the Gentiles Is Evangelical and Recommended to Christian Ministers of Every Denomination in a Discourse Delivered June 28th 1797
A Letter from a Friend to Mr John Mackmillan Wherein Is Demonstrate the Contrariety of His Principles and Practices to the Scripture Our Covenants Confession of Faith and Practice of Christ and the Primitive Christians
A Good Magistrate a Publick Blessing a Sermon Preached Before the Right Honourable the Lord-Mayor and Court of Aldermen and the Several Livery Companies of the City of London
A Narrative of the Sufferings and Surprizing Deliverances of William and Elizabeth Fleming Who Were Taken Captive by Capt Jacob Commander of the Indians
A Sermon Preached Before the House of Lords in the Abby-Church of Westminster on Friday February 6th 1756 Being the Day Appointed to Be Observed as a General Fast on Occasion of the Late Dreadful Earthquake by John Lord Bishop of Lincoln
A Vindication of the Professors of the Church of England in Connecticut Against the Invectives Contained in a Sermon Preached at Stanford by Mr Noah Hobart Dec 31 1746
The Manner in Which the Gospel Should Be Heard and the Importance of Hearing It Rightly Illustrated and Urged in a Discourse Preached by Samuel Austin MA in Worcester on the Lords Day Immediately Succeeding His Installation
A Sermon on Public Worship by the Rev Rees Price Curate of Okehampton
The Modern Fanatick Part II Containing What Is Necessary to Clear All the Matters of Fact in the First Part And to Confute What Has Been Printed in the Pretended Vindication of Dr Sacheverell Relating to My Self [sic] by William Bisset
An Examination and Refutation of a Late Pamphlet Intitled Considerations on the Navy Bill Wherein the Present Power of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty Over Half-Pay Officers Is Shewn to Be Fully Sufficient by a Real Sea Officer
The Friend of Jesus a Sermon Preached at Royston January 4 1795 on the Death of the Rev Habakkuk Crabb Who Died December 25 1794 Aged Forty-Five by Samuel Palmer to Which Is Added the Funeral Oration by Robert Hall
An Eulogy on the Life Character and Services of Brother George Washington Deceased Pronounced Before the Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons
An Abstract of the History of the Cruel Sufferings of the Blessed French Martyr Louis de Marolles from His Condemnation to the Gallies to His Death in the Dungeon Translated from the French
The Distinguishing Marks of a Work of the Spirit of God Extracted from Mr Edwards by John Wesley the Third Edition
A Sermon Preachd at the Coronation of Queen Anne in the Abby-Church of Westminster April XXIII MDCCII by John Lord Archbishop of York the Fourth Edition
The Nature and Necessity of Fasting Being the Substance of Two Sermons Preachd in the Parish Churches of West Ham Essex and St Olaves Hart-Street London the Third Edition
The Opinion of One That Has Perused the Summer Mornings Conversation Concerning Original Sin Wrote by the Rev Mr Peter Clark in Two Things Principally
A Letter to the Right Hon Henry Dundas MP Secretary of State c c Or an Appeal to the People of Great-Britain Being an Answer to Some Reflections Cast Upon a Citizen Whose Loyalty Was Only Confined to His Razor
A True and Genuine Narrative of the Whole Affair Relating to the Ship Sussex as Sent to the Directors of the Honourable East India Company From the Time She Was Deserted by the Officers
A Sermon Preachd at New-Haven on the Sabbath Preceeding the Publick Commencement Sept 9th Anno Dom 1744 by Chauncey Whittelsey Tutor of Yale-College in New-Haven
A Copy of a Letter Sent to a Reverend Minister at Norham to Which Is Now Added a Postscript or Continuation Likewise a Dialogue Betwixt Inquisitive and Plaintruth
Observations and Experiments on the Power of the Mephytic Acid in Dissolving Stones of the Bladder in a Letter to Dr Percival by William Saunders
A Letter to the Clergy of the Church of England On Occasion of the Commitment of the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Rochester to the Tower of London by a Clergyman of the Church of England the Second Edition
In Which the Words of the Institution of the Lords Supper Are Particularly Considered Preached at Salters-Hall February 13 1734-5 by W Harris DD
Inattention of Christians to Set Days of Public Fasting Justifiable a Discourse Delivered in the Union Chapel Livery-Street Birmingham the Sunday After the Day Appointed for a National Fast March 13 1796 by J Edwards
Remarks Upon Dr Priestleys Letters to the Jews Upon His Discourse on the Resurrection of Jesus and Upon His Letters to the Members of the New Jerusalem Written by Jacob Barnet
Or Reasons Against the Bill Now Depending in the House of Commons
Three Letters to His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury on the Prayer for His Majestys Recovery Containing a Comparison Between It and That of the Jews by a Presbyter of the Church of England
Lyrick Poems Inscribed to Ladies of Distinguished Eminence in the Kingdoms of Scotland and Ireland to Which Will Be Added a Letter on the Birth of a Child by the Rev James Poulson
An Astronomical Diary Or Almanack for the Year of Christian Aera 1775 by Nathanael Low
Machiavels Letter to the Lords and Commons of G**** B****** Proposing Infallible Methods to Pay the National Debt
Pontefract Castle an Account How It Was Taken And How General Rainsborough Was Surprised in His Quarters at Doncaster Anno 1648 by Captain Tho Paulden
City Corruption and Mal-Administration Displayd Occasiond by the Ill Management of the Publick Money in General With Some Remarks Upon the Modest Enquiry Into the Conduct of the Court of Aldermen c by a Citizen the Second Edition
Gospel Repentance a Sermon Preached in St Peters Church on Sunday November the 25th 1759 by the Hon and Rev Walter Shirley
A Lash at Enthusiasm In a Dialogue Founded Upon Real Facts Between Mrs Clinker and Miss Martha Steady to Which Is Added an Evening Conversation Between Four Very Good Old Ladies Over a Comfortable Game at Quadrille the Second Edition Enlarged
The Man of Real Sensibility Or the History of Sir George Ellison [five Lines from Sterne]
Medea a Tragedy in Five Acts Written by Mr Glover Taken from the Managers Book at the Theatre Royal Drury-Lane
Lessons for Children of Three Years Old by Elizabeth Somerville
DAvverbj Particelle Preposizioni E Di Frasi Avverbiali Libretto Utilissimo a Glinglesi Amatori Della Lingua Italiano
State of the Country in the Autumn of 1798
Miscellanies in Prose and Verse on Several Occasions by Claudero
Islington Or the Humours of New Tunbridge Wells Entertaining and Useful Adapted to the Taste of Both Sexes and All Ages Or the Blazing Star in the World of the Moon Addressd to Mrs Reason Who Represents the Chief Character
Christian Benevolence Recommended Upon Christian Principles a Sermon Preachd Before the Subscribers to the Bristol Infirmary in the Parish-Church of St James June 17 1755 by Samuel Seyer of 1 Volume 1
An Account of the Captivity of Elizabeth Hanson Late of Kachecky in New-England Who with Four of Her Children and Servant-Maid Was Taken Captive by the Indians a New Edition Taken in Substance from Her Own Mouth by Samuel Bownas
Of the Reflecting Sextant and Its Use at Sea
The Rise and Fall of Madam Coming-Sir Or an Unfortunate Slip from the Tavern-Bar Into the Surgeons Powdering-Tub
Remarks on the Letter to the Author of the State-Memorial
Remarks on the Proposals Lately Published for a New Translation of Don Quixote in Which Will Be Considered the Design of Cervantes in Writing the Original in a Letter from a Gentleman in the Country to a Friend in Town
The Period of Gods Patience to the Prayers of French Martyrs Or an Essay to Illustrate the Analogy Between the Present State of France and the Language of Scripture Prophecy by the REV Richard Leggett
Preparation for Death and Judgment a Sermon Preached at the Lock-Chapel April 30 1786 Upon the Occasion of the Death of the Rev Dr Conyers of Deptford by Thomas Scott
Information for Robert Wightman and Others Against the Earl of Hopeton
Milk for Babes Or a Hornbook for That Able Divine Eminent Lawyer and Honest Politician Mr H-S and His Disciples Being No V of Oratory-Transactions by J Henley Ma
Satires c by Jaques Part the First
A Succinct Treatise of Popular Astronomy Or That Science Made Plain Easy and Intelligible to Every Capacity to Which Are Subjoined Prognostics of the Weather by a Lover of the Sciences
Some Remarks on a Pamphlet Intituled a Letter to a Person Lately Joined with the People Called Quakers in Answer to a Letter Wrote by Him in a Letter from a Friend in the Country to Another in Bristol
Disputatio Medica Inauguralis de Dysenteria Quam Pro Gradu Doctoris Eruditorum Examini Subjicit Franciscus Peyton
English Nights Entertainments the History of Oroonoko Or the Royal Slave Written Originally by Mrs Behn and Revised by Mrs Griffiths
Remarks on the Hadleys Quadrant Tending Principally to Remove the Difficulties Which Have Hitherto Attended the Use of the Back-Observation by Nevil Maskelyne
Resignation the Duty of Mourners a Sermon Preached at Coventry Nov 22 1772 on the Death of Mr Thomas Dawson Who Departed This Life November 15 1772 by Stephen Addington
The History of Periander King of Corinth Extracted from the Most Authentick Greek and Latin Historians and the Chevalier Ramsays Cyrus Adressed to the Readers and Spectators of the Tragedy of Periander
Songs Duets Trios c in the Comic Opera of the Castle of Andalusia as Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden the Eleventh Edition
Analysis of a Course of Lectures on Mechanics Pneumatics Hydrostatics and Astronomy Read by James Ferguson
Dissertatio Medica Inauguralis de Morbo Psoadico Quam Pro Gradu Doctoris Eruditorum Examini Subjicit Raius Beckwith
Tentamen Medicum Inaugurale de Podagra Quod Pro Gradu Doctoris Eruditorum Examini Subjicit Dominicus Lynch
Observations Occasioned by the Contest about Literary Property
Insula Sacra Or the General Utilities Arising from Some Permanent Foundation for the Preservation of Our Antient Annals Demonstrated and the Means Pointed Out
Animadversions on Dr Haweis Impartial and Succinct History of the Church of Christ by the Rev Isaac Milner Being the Preface to the Second Edition of of the Late Rev Joseph Milners History of the Church of Christ Volume 1
Plain Truth in a Plain Dress Or a Short Admonition to the Middle Ranks of Great Britain and Ireland by William Tindal Ma
An Address to the Board of Baptist Ministers by John Martin
The Bloody Buoy Abridged Thrown Out as a Warning to Britons at the Present Important Period Containing a Faithful Relation of a Multitude of Acts of Horrid Barbarity
The Two Adams a Poem by Andrew Kessell
A Letter from Sir Richard Cox Bart to Thomas Prior Esq Shewing from Experience a Sure Method to Establish the Linen-Manufacture and the Beneficial Effects It Will Immediately Produce
An Account of the Behaviour of Mr James Maclaine from the Time of His Condemnation to the Day of His Execution October 3 1750 by the Reverend Dr Allen
A Sermon on the Fast-Day January the Sixteenth 1711 12 Against Such as Delight in War by a Divine of the Church of England the Second Edition
The Insufficiency of Human Reason in Matters of Religion and the Consequent Necessity of a Revelation a Sermon Preachd Before the University at St Marys in Oxford on ACT Sunday 1731 by Benjamin Bulkeley
A Sermon Preachd at Banbury December 3 1702 Being the Day of Publick Thanksgiving by Benjamin Loveling
A Sermon Preachd at the Assizes Held at Hertford March 5 1721-2 Before the Honble Mr Justice Powys by Allen Cowper
An Occasional Sermon Upon the Proclamation of King George on the First of August 1714 by Jonathan Owen
An Address to the People of Great Britain by R Watson the Eighth Edition
An Answer to the Inquiry Why Are You a Dissenter Extracted from the Dissenting Gentlemans Letters to Mr White
The Trial of Samuel Scrimshaw and John Ross for a Conspiracy in Sending Threatning Letters to Humphrey Morice Esq with an Intent to Extort Money from Him
The Institution of Public Charities a Sermon Preached at Christs-Hospital on Wednesday September 21 1763 by Peter Whalley
A Vindication of Plain-Dealing from the Base and Malicious Aspersions of Two Country Curates Containd in a Little Scurrilous Pamphlet Entitled Plain-Dealing Proved to Be Plain-Lying
An Essay to Prevent the Exportation of Wool and Retrieve the Woollen Manufacture of England by Cornelius Strongcastle
A Sermon Preachd in the Chapel of Newgate Upon the Particular Desire of Robert Hallam Under Sentence of Death for the Murder of His Wife Jane Then Being Big with Child Upon Sunday the 6th of February 1732 by James Guthrie
A Sermon Preached at the Ordination of the Reverend Mr John Marsh to the Pastoral Care of the First Church in Wethersfield Connecticut January XII 1774 by Samuel Woodward AM Pastor of the Church in Weston
A Letter to the Right Honourable Lord North on His Propositions in Favour of Ireland by Francis Dobbs Esq
An Address to the People of Great Britain by R Watson Lord Bishop of Landaff
A Candid Examination of the Reasons for Depriving the East-India Company of Its Charter Contained in the History and Management of the East-India Company from Its Commencement to the Present Time
A Sermon Preached at the Ordination of the Rev Mr Isaac Bailey to the Pastoral Care of the Church in Ward November 3 MDCCLXXXIV by Daniel Grosvenor AM Pastor of the Church in Grafton
A Sermon Preachd at St Marys in Kingston Upon Hull Before the Society for Reformation of Manners on Thursday the 1st of April 1703 by Field Dunn
A Sermon Against Profaneness Immorality Preachd at the Assizes at Kingston Upon Thames April 9 1701 Before the Right Honourable the Lord Chief Justice Holt and the Honourable Baron Tracy by Tho Knaggs
The A B C with the Shorter Catechism Appointed by the General Assembly to Be a Directory for Catechizing of Such as Are of a Weaker Capacity
The Love of Our Country A Sermon Preached in the Parish Church of Saint Annes Dublin on Sunday June 23 1782 by Thomas Leland DD
The Righteous in Authority a Sermon Preachd Before The Lord-Mayor the Court of Aldermen and the Liveries of the Several Companies of the City of London at the Parish Church of St Laurence Jewry 1738
A Short History of Romes Designs Against the Protestant Interest in Britain with a Vindication of Mr William Vetch by the Said Mr William Vetch
A Sermon Preached in the Parish Church of St Paul Covent Garden on Friday February 6 1756 Being the Day Appointed by Authority for a General Fast by John Cradock
A Sermon Preached Before the Honorable the Council and the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of New-Hampshire 1784 on Occasion of the Commencement of the New Constitution and Form of Government
A Sermon Preachd to a Dissenting Congregation in Norfolk 1706 Being a Day of Publick Thanksgiving for the Glorious Successes of Her Majesties Arms and Those of Her Allies the Last Campaign in Flanders Spain and Italy
A Sermon Preached to Young Persons April 6 1713 at the Desire of Several Young Men by John Nesbitt
A Dissertation on the Nature and Necessity of Catechising
A Sermon Preachd in Lambeth-Chapel at the Consecration of John Lord Bishop of Llandaff on Sunday June 30 1706 by Elias Sydall
The Peoples Duty Towards Their Pastors a Sermon Preachd at the Visitation of the Reverend Mr Thomas Fox Held at Mitchel-Dean the Fifth Day of June 1716 by Robert Griffith
A Sermon Preached at the Opening of Steane Chapel in the County of Northampton on the Renewing Divine Service in It on Sunday May 3 1752 by Richard Grey
A Charge Delivered to the Clergy of the Diocese of Rochester And Published at Their Request by John Law DD
The Christians Gain by Death a Funeral Sermon Occasiond by the Death of the Reverend Mr Joseph Stennett Late Minister of the Gospel Preachd August the 22d 1713 by Nathanael Hodges the Second Edition
The Grounds and Occasions of Mens Offences Against the Clergy Together with the Unreasonableness of Them Considerd and Exemplified in Our Saviours Ill Usage Among the Jews Sermon Preachd at the Visitation
The Life of Thomas Munn Alias the Gentleman Brick-Maker Alias Tom the Smuggler Who Was Executed with John Hall on Friday the 6th of April 1750 at Chelmsford Publishd from the Copy All Wrote with His Own Hand
A Touch on the Times Or Observations on Mr Paines Letter to Mr Secretary Dundas Set Forth in the Following Dialogue to Which Is Added a Paraphrase on the Sixth Chapter of Daniel
The Personal Union of the Divine and Human Nature in Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ And the Benefits of It to Mankind and the Comforts of a Good Conscience and the Torments of an Evil One in Two Sermons
The Accursed Thing Must Be Taken Away from Among a People If They Would Reasonably Hope to Stand Before Their Enemies a Sermon Preached at the Thursday-Lecture in Boston September 3 1778
A Letter to Mr B-- A North-Wiltshire Clergyman Relating to an Address from That Archdeaconry to the Queen Wherein a Character Is Given of the Bishop of Sarum and an Account of the Clergys Behaviour Towards Him
The King and His Faithful Subjects Rejoycing in God And the Mouths of Liars Stopped a Sermon Preached at Hand-Alley October the 15th 1727 by John Evans
The Divine Original and Authority of the Gospel a Sermon Preachd in the Cathedral Church of St Paul Before The Lord Mayor and Aldermen of the City of London on Sunday the 12th Day of Jan 1717 by Tobias Swinden
A Sermon Preachd at St Jamess on Thursday March 8 1710 Being the Anniversary of Her Majestys Happy Accession to the Throne by the Right Reverend Father in God John Lord Bishop of Bristol
Ministers of the Gospel Cautioned Against Giving Offence a Sermon by John Erskine
Two Sermons on Genesis XIX 27 and 28 Preached at Bedington Sunday 12th and Friday 17th of February 1758 by John Eyre
Solomons Preference of Death to Life Explained and Vindicated a Sermon Preached in the English Chapel at Gothenburg by George Marriott
The Happiness of the Good in a Future State Set Forth In a Sermon Occasiond by the Death of Dr Waterland and Preached in Twickenham-Chapel January the 4th 1740-1 by Jeremiah Seed
Reasons for Not Proceeding Against Mr Whiston by the Court of Delegates in a Letter to the Reverend Dr Pelling Rector of St Anns Westminster the Second Edition Given Gratis
Dissertatio Medica Inauguralis de Scrophula Quam Pro Gradu Doctoratus Eruditorum Examini Subjicit Robertus Ewart
A Collection from Dyers Letters Concerning the Elections of the Present Parliament With an Appendix Relating to Some Other Publick Matters
On the Progress of Gardening in a Letter from the Hon Daines Barrington to the Rev Mr Norris Secretary
God a Tower of Salvation to the King a Sermon Preachd Before the Honourable House of Commons at St Margarets Westminster on Monday the First of August 1715 by Thomas Linford the Second Edition
Sleeping in Jesus the Blessed Privilege of Dying Christians and the Great Relief of Their Disconsolate Survivors In a Sermon Occasiond by the Deaths of Mr Joseph Reddall and Mary His Wife Preachd June 13 1725 by Thomas Ray
The Life of General James Wolfe the Conqueror of Canada Or the Elogium of That Renowned Hero by J*** P****** AM
Panegyric Intitled the Poor Mans Honest Praises and Thanksgiving to His Royal Highness William Duke of Cumberland Upon His Late Success Against the Rebels in Scotland
The Pens Dexterity Or the Art of Short-Writing Improved by Incomparable Contractions Whereby a Sentence Is Writ as Soon as a Word Invented and Taught by Jeremiah Rich
Bishop Halls Portraiture of a True Christian in Twelve Sections Containing I His Disposition XII His Death the Second Edition
Considerations on Parochial Music by William Vincent the Second Edition with Additions
de Studiis Theologicis Pr lectio Habita in Schol Theologic Oxon AB Edvardo Bentham
Addenda to the First Edition of the Revd W Gilpins Observations on Forest Scenery
Memento Mori Or a Word in Season to the Healthful Sick and Dying Fit for This Calamitous Time Wherein Sicknesses Rage and Deaths Are Frequent by a Minister of the Gospel
Some Remarks on Mr Hills Farrago Double-Distilled by John Wesley
Hints for Erecting County Granaries in This Kingdom as the Sure Means to Lower the Exorbitant Price of Corn at the Latter End of the Year Addressed to the Right Honourable John Ponsonby by Walter Weldon Esq
An Address to Persons of Fashion Containing Some Particulars Relating to Balls And a Few Occasional Hints Concerning Play-Houses Card-Tables c by a Gentleman of the University of Oxford
Directory of Teachers in the Public Schools 1905
Lyric Odes for the Year 1783 by Peter Pindar Esq a Distant Relation of the Poet of Thebes and Laureat to the Academy the Sixth Edition
Instructions to a Celebrated Laureat Alias the Progress of Curiosity Alias a Birth-Day Ode Alias Mr Whitbreads Brewhouse by Peter Pindar Esquire the Eighth Edition
Charity as a Rule of Conduct in the Affairs of a Religious Society Explaind and Recommended a Sermon Preachd to a Congregation of Protestant Dissenters in Newcastle Upon Tyne on November the 22d 1733 by W Wilson
Institutiones Arabicae Linguae Adiecta Est Chrestomathia Arabica
Vie de Saint Franiois de Sales ivique Et Prince de Genive Instituteur de lOrdre de la Visitation de Sainte Marie Vol 1 La
Federal Trade Commission Decisions Vol 1 Findings Orders and Conference Rulings of the Federal Trade Commission March 16 1915 to June 30 1919
Vergleichende Grammatik Der Griechischen Und Lateinischen Sprache Vol 2
Anna Von Geierstein Oder Die Tochter Des Rebels Ein Roman
A F E Langbeins Simmtliche Schriften Vol 11 Neue Talismane Vacuna Der Graue Kinig
Oeuvres de Rigord Et de Gillaume Le Breton Vol 2 Historiens de Philippe-Auguste Philippide de Guillaume Le Breton
C Cornelii Taciti Opera Omnia Vol 2 Ex Editione Oberliniana Cum Notis Et Interpretatione in Usum Delphini Variis Lectionibus Notis Variorum Justi Lipsii Excursibus Recensu Codicum Et Editionum Et Indice Locupletissimo Accurate Recensita
Berliner Revue Vol 5 Social-Politische Wochenschrift Zweites Quartal 1856
Polks Waltham (Middlesex County Mass) City Directory 1941-1942 Vol 9 Containing an Alphabetical Directory of Business Concerns and Private Citizens a Directory of Householders Occupants of Office Buildings and Other Business Places Including A C
Le Moniteur Des Assurances 1883 Vol 15 Revue Mensuelle
Primer Congreso Eucaristico de Santiago de Chile Convocado y Presidido Por El Ultmo y Rvdmo Seior Arzobispo Doctor Don Mariano Casanova
Storia Degli Stati Uniti Dalla Scoperta del Continente Americano Vol 2
Berthold Sigismunds Ausgewihlte Schriften
Histoire de la Vie Et Des Voyages de lAmiral Christophe Colomb DApris Des Documents de lipoque Et Notamment Suivant lHistoire Viridique de lAmiral icrite Par Son Fils Don Fernando Colon
Traiti dAstronomie Thiorique Vol 3 Astronomie Physique
Voyages Dans Les Deux Siciles Et Dans Quelques Parties Des Apennins Vol 5
C G Zorgdragers Alte Und Neue Grinlindische Fischerei Und Wallfischfang Mit Einer Kurzen Historischen Beschreibung Von Grinland Island Spitzbergen Nova Zembla Jan Mayen Eiland Der Strasse Davis U A Ausgefertiget Durch Abraham Maubach
Onkel Toms Hitte Vol 1 Eine Regergeschichte
Darstellungen Aus Der Sittengeschichte Roms Vol 1 In Der Zeit Von August Bis Zum Ausgang Der Antonine
Aus Schleiermachers Leben in Briefen Vol 4 Schleiermachers Briefe an Brinckmann Briefwechsel Mit Seinen Freunden Von Seiner Ueberstedlung Nach Halle Bis Zu Seinem Tode Denkschriften Dialog iber Das Anstindige Recensionen
Archiv Fir Die Schweizerische Reformations-Geschichte 1872 Vol 2 Herausgegeben Auf Veranstaltung Des Schweizerischen Piusvereins
Oeuvres de Lucien Vol 4
The Stranger A Comedy Freely Translated from Kotzebues German Comedy of Misanthropy and Repentance
Remarks on a Publication Entitled a Serious Admonition to the Disciples of Thomas Paine and All Other Infidels by Abraham Binns
Supplement to the First Edition of the Life of William of Wykeham Containing the Corrections and Additions of the Second Edition
Some Observations Upon the Greek Accents by Arthur Browne
Observations on the Present State of the Art of Navigation with a Short Account of the Nature and Regulations of a Society Now Forming for Its Effectual Improvement by James Fergusson
A Dissertation on the Political Union and Constitution of the Thirteen United States of North-America Which Is Necessary to Their Preservation and Happiness Humbly Offered to the Public by a Citizen of Philadelphia
The Apostles Advice to the Jaylor Improved Being a Solemn Warning Against the Awful Sin of Soul Murder in a Discourse from Acts XVI 28 Do Thy Self No Harm by Andrew Croswell MA Pastor of a Church at Groton in the Colony of Connecticut
Tables of the Apparant Places of the Comet of 1661 Whose Return Is Expected in 1789 to Which Is Added a New Method of Using the Reticule Rhomboide by Sir Henry Englefield
The Favourd Moment Being a Collection of Hymns and Poems I Sacred to Deity II to Piety and Virtue
A Letter to a Gentleman Containing a Detection of Errors in a Print Intitled the Snake in the Grass Wherein That Author Giveth His Remarks Upon the Marrow of Modern Divinity Lately Re-Printed
The Laymans Letters to the Dissenting Ministers of London With a List of Their Names on Both Sides Consisting of a Letter of Thanks to Those Divines Who Subscribed the Declaration for the Trinity the Second Edition
The Case of Addressing Considerd Upon Occasion of the Addresses Lately Presented to the Earl of Nottingham and the Bishop of Chester
Verses on the Death of Doctor Swift Written by Himself Nov 1731 the Second Edition
Observations on a Speech Delivered the 26th Day of December 1769 in the House of Lords in Ireland
Rebellion Extinguished A Thanksgiving-Sermon Preached at Barton Under-Neewood in the County of Stafford October the 9th 1746 on Account of the Deliverance of These Kingdoms from the Calamities of an Intestine War by Thomas Vaughan
The Dogs Monitor a Satirical Poem in Which Are Exhibited More Characters Than One by Major Henry Waller
Plain Matter of Fact Or Whiggism the Bulwark of These Kingdoms by a Lover of His Country the Second Edition
Pregeth Yn Dangos Yn Eglur Nad Oes Perffaith Ddedwyddwch Iw Ddisgwyl Hyd Oni Chyflawner Nifer Etholedigion Duw Gan y Parchedig Mr Samuel Johnson MA AC a Gyfieithwyd Or Saisneg Gan Hugh Williams
Several Articles of Essential Importance and Benefit to the Maritime Part of Mankind Which Have Been Generally and Successfully Adopted and Proved by the Author of Tutamen Nauticum Or the Seamans Preservation Printed in 1758
Memoirs of the Present Countess of Derby (Late Miss Farren) Including Anecdotes of Several Distinguished Persons with a PostScript Extraordinary! by Petronius Arbiter Esq [the Fifth Edition with Considerable Additions]
Romeo and Juliet a Comedy Written Originally in Spanish by That Celebrated Dramatic Poet Lopez de Vega Contemporary with Shakespear and Built Upon the Same Story
Some Few Reflections on the Tragedy of Boadicia
Aviti Epistola Ad Perillam Virginem Scotam Editoris Ecphrasi Et Annotationibus Illustrata
The Epiphany A Seatonian Prize Poem by William Bolland
Anecdotes Concerning the Famous John Reinhold Patkul Or an Authentic Relation of What Passed Betwixt Him and His Confessor the Night Before and at His Execution Translated from the Original Manuscript Never Yet Printed
Poor Robin or the True Weather Telling Almanack with Infallible Predictions for the Year 1770 by Poor Paddy His Genuine Successor
Basia Or the Charms of Kissing Translated from the Latin of Catullus and Secundus and the Greek of Menage the Second Edition
Lettre de Monsieur Thomas de lAcadimie Franioise i Monsieur Desenfans Pour Servir i La Difense de Finilon Contre Milord Chesterfield
Animadversions Upon the Letters on Theron and Aspasio Addressed to That Ingenious Author by John Brine
St Cyprians Description of the Pagan Age in a Discourse to His Friend Donatus Renderd Into English Metre from the Latin Original by William Tunstal the Fifth Edition
Five Curious Anecdotes to Which Is Added on Fashions a Moral Essay by James Maxwell
Books Printed for J Walthoe Over-Against the Royal Exchange in Cornhill
Considerations Offered Upon the Approaching Peace and Upon the Importance of Gibraltar to the British Empire Being the Second Part of the Independent Whig the Fifth Edition
Books Printed Only for E Curll at Congreves Head in Burleigh-Street in the Strand
Longitude to Be Found Out with a New Invented Instrument Both by Sea and Land Written by R B Secretary to Sir Francis Wheeler
To the Commissioners for the Preservation of the Harbour of Wells in the County of Norfolk the Report of Joseph Hodskinson Engineer Respecting the State of Wells Harbour in the County of Norfolk 1782
Songs Duettos Glees Catches c with an Explanation of the Procession in the Pantomime of Harlequin Free-Mason as Performed at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden a New Edition with Additions
A Brief and Easy System of Short-Hand First Invented by Mr Jeremiah Rich and Improved by Dr Doddridge Now Reduced to So Plain a Method That Any One May Learn It Without Any Other Assistance the Second Edition with Great Improvements
Smegmatalogia or the Art of Making Potashes and Soap and Bleaching of Linen by Which the Industrious Farmer Is Taught to Bleach and Wash His Cloath with the Produce of Our Own Country by James Dunbar
Answers for James Ferrier Writer to the Signet To the Petition and Complaint of Lieut General Henry Fletcher of Salton
The Gates of Hell Opend In a Dialogue Between the Observator and Review Dedicated to Aminadab Written in the Time of the Late Dissolvd Parliament by a Friend of the Light
The Description of Epsom with the Humors and Politicks of the Place In a Letter to Eudoxa There Is Added a Translation of Four Letters Out of Pliny
Corin and Olinda A Legendary Tale in Three Parts by Richard Teede
The Sheep-Shearing Or Florizel and Perdita a Pastoral Comedy Taken from Shakespeare as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in London the Songs Set by Mr Arne
Tractatus Physico-Medicus de Stimulantium Natura in Corpora Viventia Agentium Auctore Samuele Lynch
Genuine Copies of All the Love Letters and Cards Which Passed Between an Illustrious Personage and a Noble Lady During the Course of a Late Amour Published by a Proctor of Doctors Commons
Norfolks Furies Or a View of Ketts Camp
Tentamen Medicum Inaugurale de Resuscitatione Submersorum c Quod Pro Gradu Doctoris Eruditorum Examini Subjicit Jacobus Woodford
Letters from Perdita to a Certain Israelite and His Answers to Them
What Shall I Render! a Thanksgiving Sermon Preached at Brooklin Nov 8th 1722 from Psalm CXVI 12 by James Allin MA and Pastor of the Church There [three Lines from Genesis]
The Gentlemans and Builders Director Or a Key That Openeth to Your Sight at Once Brick Work by Edward Roman Bricklayer the Second Edition
An Essay on the Venereal Gleet In Which the Different Species of This Disorder Are Distinguished and Their Causes Assigned Together with the Symptoms and Method of Cure Peculiar to Each of Them by Samuel Chapman
Some Thoughts on the Bill to Prevent the Growth of Schism in a Letter to a Friend by a Lover of His Queen and the Protestant Interest
Petition for Sir Alexander Cockburn of Langtoun Baronet Apparent Heir-Male of the Family of Langtoun Pursuer
Epistle to Peter Pindar by the Author of the Baviad
Bellisle a Poem Inscribed to Sir Ralph Gore Bart by William Balfour Madden
Lord Alemoor Reporter December 13 1765 Information for John Bulman Attorney in Morpeth Administrator of James Aitkenson Pursuer Against Alexander Earl of Galloway and John Lord Gairlies Defenders
Christ the Beginning and Ending Or the Messiahs Goodness and Future Glory the Principal End of Creating the World a Sermon Preached at the Visitation Held in the Parish-Church of Richmond May 6th 1735 by John Mawer DD
Books Printed For and Sold by W Taylor at the Ship and Black Swan in Pater-Noster-Row
Narrative Relating to the Real Embalmed Head of Oliver Cromwell Now Exhibiting in Mead-Court in Old Bond-Street
William and Lucy an Opera of Two Acts an Attempt to Suit the Style of the Scotch Music
Works Wrought Through Faith a Condition of Our Justification a Sermon Preached Before the University of Oxford at St Marys on June 7 1761 by George Horne
Artaserse Drama Da Rappresentarsi Sopra Il Teatro Di SMB NB Musica del Signor Hasse Detto Il Sassone = Artaxerxes an Opera
LHarmonie Du Coloris Dans La Peinture Reduite En Pratique Mecanique Et i Des Regles Sures Faciles Avec Des Figures En Coleur Par JC Le Blon
Poems on Spiritual Subjects by J A Knight
Peace at Home Or a Vindication of the Proceedings of the Honourable the House of Commons on the Bill for Preventing Danger from Occasional Conformity by Sir Humphrey Mackworth the Second Edition
Poems by the Rev William Bagshaw Stevens AM
[a Companion to the Liverpool Museum]
Christ the Standard of Preaching a Sermon Preached at the Installation of the Reverend Caleb Alexander to the Pastoral Care of the Church in Mendon April 12 1786 by Nathanael Emmons [sic] AM Pastor of the Church in Franklin
Cardanus Riders Sheet Almanack for 1777
The Walking-Statue Or the Devil in the Wine-Cellar a Farce as It Is Acted at the Theatre Royal Written by Mr Hill
Juniuss Supposed Address to a Great Personage
The Young Pretenders Destiny Unfolded Being an Exact Account of Several Prodigies Seen in the Highlands in a Letter from a Clergyman in the Island of Sky to His Friend in London
Report on the Navigation of the River Shannon from Lough Allen to Killaloe with Estimates of the Expence of Completing the Whole by William Chapman Engineer
Experiments on the Nervous System with Opium and Metalline Substances Made Chiefly with the View of Determining the Nature and Effects of Animal Electricity by Alexander Monro
The Quacks Or Loves the Physician a Farce as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by His Majestys Servants Written by Mr Owen Mac Swiny
The Coy Shepherdess a Pastoral as It Was Acted at the Theatre-Royal by Antho Aston
Critical Remarks on the Tragedy of Athelstan with Rules Necessary to Be Observed by All Dramatic Poets by the Author of the State-Farce
Or Florizel and Perdita a Pastoral Comedy Taken from Shakespear as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Dublin the Songs Set by Mr Arne
Seasonable Queries Relating to the Birth and Birthright of a Certain Person
Les Com diens Ou Le Foyer Com die En Un Acte En Prose Par M***
Les Tours dUne Tabatiere Or the Travels and Misfortunes of the Enchanted Snuff-Box Humbly Inscribd to Isaac Bickerstaff Esq
Miss in Her Teens Or the Medley of Lovers a Comedy in Two Acts by David Garrick Esq as Performing at the Theatre Royal Drury-Lane And at the Royalty-Theatre Goodmans-Fields
Songs Recitatives c in the Volcano Or the Rival Harlequins a Serio-Comic Pantomime Performed at the Theatre-Royal Covent-Garden
An Essay Upon Publick Credit Being an Enquiry How the Publick Credit Comes to Depend Upon the Change of the Ministry or the Dissolutions of Parliaments And Whether It Does So or No
A Critick No Wit Or Remarks on Mr Denniss Late Play Called the Invader of His Country in a Letter from a School-Boy to the Author
The She Gallant Or Square-Toes Outwitted a New Comedy of Two Acts as Now Performing with Great Applause at the Theatre in Smock-Alley Dublin
Concise Rules for Computing the Effects of Refraction and Parallax in Varying the Apparent Distance of the Moon from the Sun or a Star by the Rev Nevil Maskelyne
Mr Paines Letter to Mr Secretary Dundas
Three Political Letters to a Noble Lord Concerning Liberty and the Constitution
Good News to the Good Women and to the Bad Women Too That Will Grow Better The Like to the Men Shewing What the Scripture Saith
Some Remarks on the Barrier Treaty Between Her Majesty and the States-General by the Author of the Conduct of the Allies to Which Are Added the Said Barrier-Treaty with the Two Separate Articles
Or the Comical Rival a Farce of Two Acts Acted at the Theatre-Royal by His Majestys Servants Written by C Cibber Esq
The Love of Our Country a Poem Dedicated by Permission to His Grace the Duke of Devonshire by the Reverend Henry Charles Christian Newman AB
Some Calculations and Remarks Relating to the Present State of the Publick Debts and Funds and a Proposal for the Intire Discharge of the National Debt and Incumbrance in Thirty Years Time by Archibald Hutcheson
A Sermon Preached in the Cathedral Church of St Peter Exon on Tuesday August 29 1790 by Henry Beeke
A Dissertation on the Use and Abuse of Tobacco Humbly Addressed to All the Tobacco-Consumers in Great-Britain and Ireland But Especially to Those Among Religious People by Adam Clarke
The Theatre-Royal Turnd Into a Mountebanks Stage in Some Remarks Upon Mr Cibbers Quack-Dramatical Performance Called the Non-Juror by a Non-Juror
A Sermon Preachd Before the University of Oxford at St Marys on Act-Sunday July the 9th 1721 by John Rogers
The Certain Method to Know the Disease a Lecture Addressd to Students in Physic
A Visionary Letter to the Freemen of the City of Bagdad on a Late Election of Cailiff and Scapins by a Pupil of Alexander the Coppersmith
A Posthumous Poem of the Late Thomas Dickens Esq Lieut Colonel in the First Regiment of Foot Guards Dedicated by Permission to His Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester To Which
A Description of Bath a Poem Humbly Inscribed to Her Royal Highness the Princess Amelia
The Divine Institution of Magistracy and the Gracious Design of Its Institution a Sermon Preachd Before the Queen at St Jamess on Tuesday March the 8th 1708 by Ofspring Lord Bishop of Exon
An Answer to the PostScript of the Second Part of Scripture Vindicated Wherein Is Shewn That If Reason Be Not a Sufficient Guide in Matters of Religion The Bulk of Mankind for 4000 Years Had No Sufficient Guide at All in Matters of Religion
A Discourse Concerning the Love of Our Country Preached at the Parish Church of St Peters Le Poor in Broad-Street January 20 by the Reverend Mr Jonathan Smedley
A Sermon Preached Before the Governors of Addenbrookes Hospital on Thursday June 27 1776 by John Warren
The Study of the Scriptures the Best Preservative Against Infidelity a Sermon Preached at the Primary Visitation of the Right Reverend Samuel Lord Bishop of St Davids at Brecon in the Year MDCCXC by Henry Thomas Payne
A Sermon Preached at the Primary Visitation of the Right Reverend Father in God William Lord Bishop of Chester Held at Richmond in Yorkshire August 21st 1789 by Thomas Zouch
The Good Effects of a Publick and Exemplary Piety a Sermon Preachd Before the Sons of the Clergy at Their Anniversary Meeting in the Cathedral-Church of St Paul February 17 1731 by Robert Warren
The Degeneracy of the Present Age as to Principles a Sermon Preachd Before the University of Cambridge on Sunday June 25 1704 by Thomas Sherwill
The Hastiniad An Heroic Poem in Three Cantos
A Sermon Preachd Before the Queen at St Jamess on Thursday the 17th of February by Tho Manningham
A Sermon Preached Before the Sons of the Clergy in the Cathedral Church of St Paul on Thursday May 8 1760 by William Dodwell to Which Is Annexed a List of the Annual Amount of the Collections from the Year 1721
A Sermon Preachd Before the Queen at St Jamess on the 6th of February 1708 9 Being Her Majesties Birth-Day by Richard Willis
The Demagogue by Theophilus Thorn Esq
The True Protestant and Church of England Clergy Vindicated from the Imputation of Preaching Up Themselves a Sermon Preachd at Tunbridge-Wells on Sunday August 14th 1715
A Dissertation on Proverbs VII 22 23 Being a Specimen of Critical Dissertations on the Proverbs of Solomon Addressd to the Students in Arabic by Thomas Hunt
Odes on Various Subjects by Joseph Warton the Second Edition
The Nature and Offices of Pity and Courtesy Considerd in Two Discourses Preachd Before the University of Cambridge by John Mainwaring BD
Reasons for Restoring Some Prayers and Directions as They Stand in the Communion-Service of the First English Reformd Liturgy Compiled by the Bishops in the Reign of King Edward VI the Fourth Edition
A Full Reply to a Late Pamphlet Intituled the Indulgent Parents Publishd by Mr Oade Senior In Vindication of the Unnatural Parent Publishd by His Sons with an Appeal to Those People Calld Quakers
News from the Stars Or an Ephemeris for the Year 1704 by William Andrews
On the End of Tragedy According to Aristotle An Essay in Two Parts Read to a Literary Society in Glasgow by James Moor
The Consummation a Sacred Ode on the Final Dissolution of the World by Thomas Newcomb
National Humiliation and Repentance Recommended and the Causes of the Present Rebellion in America Assigned in a Sermon Preached Before the University of Oxford on Friday December 13 1776 by Myles Cooper
Bribery a Satire
Universal Beauty a Poem Part V
A Sermon Preached at Launceston in the County of Cornwall On Thursday the Fourth of June 1795 By William Carpenter Before the Major Commandant and Two Companies of Volunteer Infantry Belonging to the Said Parish of 1 Volume 1
Persecution Contrary to Christianity a Sermon Preached in Wood-Street Dublin on the 23d of October 1735 Being the Anniversary of the Irish Rebellion by John Abernethy
Thespis Or a Critical Examination Into the Merits of All the Principal Performers Belonging to Drury-Lane Theatre
Holiness and Righteousness the Best Return for National Deliverances a Sermon Preachd at Crutched-Friars Nov 5 and Silverstreet Nov 7 1710 by John Billingsley
Almoran and Hamet an Oriental Tale in Two Volumes by Dr Hawkesworth of 2 Volume 2
An Expedient Proposd Or the Occasions of the Late Controversie in Convocation Considerd and a Method of Adjournments Pointed Out Consistent with the Claims of Both Houses by a Country-Divine
An Important Case Argued In Three Dialogues Between Dr Opium Gallio and Discipulus Designed to Expose Erroneous Teachers Alarm Secure Sinners And Assist the Disciples of Christ the Fifth Edition
Thoughts on Our Articles of Religion with Respect to Their Supposed Utility to the State by Christopher Wyvill the Third Edition Corrected and Enlarged
A Character of the Right Reverend Father in God Gilbert Lord Bishop of Sarum With a True Copy of His Last Will and Testament the Second Edition
Two Sermons Preachd at Warmington in Warwickshire on Sunday the 20th of October 1717 Being the Anniversary of His Majestys Coronation by Bernard Gilpin
A Character of the Right Reverend Father in God Gilbert Lord Bishop of Sarum With a True Copy of His Last Will and Testament the Third Edition
Letters Between Theodosius and Constantia by Dr Langhorne in Two Volumes of 2 Volume 2
The Conflict and the Crown of the Faithful Minister a Sermon Preached at Wattesfield in Suffolk December 7th 1788 on Occasion of the Death of the Reverend Thomas Harmer Also Brief Memoirs of His Life Character and Writings
The Absolute Necessity of Unfeigned Repentance and Humiliation in Order to Secure the Divine Favour and Protection Being the Substance of Two Discourses Preached at the Lecture in the Parish Church of St Giles Cripplegate
An Oration Delivered to the Society of the Cincinnati in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts July 4 1789 by Doctor Samuel Whitwell
An Absolute Indefeasible Hereditary Right Contrary to Reason and Scripture a Sermon Preached Upon Occasion of the Present Rebellion at the Cathedral and the Churches Belonging to the Archdeaconry of Armagh 1746
A Continuation of the Narrative of the State c of the Indian Charity-School at Lebanon in Connecticut From Nov 27th 1762 to Sept 3d 1765 by Eleazar Wheelock AM Pastor of a Church in Lebanon
The Blessedness of True Christians in a Future State a Funeral Sermon Preached at Uxbridge June 24 1750 by Benjamin Mills
A Sermon Preached Before the Right Honourable the Lord-Mayor the Court of Aldermen the Sheriffs and the Governors of the Several Hospitals of the City of London at the Parish-Church of St Bridget on Tuesday in Easter-Week 1743
An Epistle of Love and Friendly Advice to the Ambassadors of the Several Princes of Europe Met at Nimeguen by R Barclay
The Resurrection of the Same Body a Sermon Preachd Before the University of Oxford at St Marys on Easter-Monday Apr 2 1711 by Will Lupton
A Discourse Occasioned by the Death of Mrs Elizabeth Howard Who Departed This Life on Lords Day Morning April 13 1777 Aged 43 Delivered the Lords Day After Her Decease
An Apology to John Richardson Esq
A Letter to the Right Honourable the Earl of Shelburne First Lord of the Treasury
A New Method of Preventing and Curing the Madness Caused by the Bite of a Mad Dog Laid Before the Royal Society in February Last 1741 by R James MD
The Rights and Principles of an Englishman Considered and Asserted or a Review of the Late Motion at the Hotel for a County Meeting in Devonshire by a Devonian
The Charge Given to Mr William Moss of Buckingham Mr Matthew Leeson and Mr William Willets at Their Ordination at Ailsbury on June 11 1724 by John Troughton
A Sermon Preached Before the Right Worshipful the Mayor of Norwich and the Corporation in the Cathedral on Friday April 19 1793 by the Rev Robert Potter
A Paraphrase on Part of the Book of Job by E Young
A New Dramatic Entertainment Called the Royal Chace Or Merlins Cave with Several New Comic Scenes of Action Introduced Into the Grotesque Pantomime of Jupiter and Europa as It Is Performed at the Theatre Royal in Covent-Garden
The American Crisis Number V Addressed to General Sir William Howe by the Author of Common Sense
A Masonic Eulogy on the Life of the Illustrious Brother George Washington Pronounced Before the Brethren of St Johns Lodge on the Evening of the 4th Feb 5800 at Their Particular Request [two Lines from Shakespeare]
A Serious Address to the Chief Magistrates of Norwich and Yarmouth Call a Solemn Assemblyand Declare Their Firm Attachment to the Constitution and Government of the King of Kings by John Bousell
A Sermon Preached at the Opening of the Chapel in Essex-House Essex-Street in the Strand on Sunday April 17 1774 to Which Is Added a Summary Account of the Reformed Liturgy on the Plan of the Late Dr Samuel Clarke
The Judgment of the Church of England in the Point of Ordination Argued from Her Offices and Practice by Which It Plainly Appears That She Allows a Divine Inherent Right in the Presbyters Office to Ordain in a Letter to a Friend
The Ministerialist by Junius the Second Edition
A Defence of Mr Rousseau Against the Aspersions of Mr Hume Mons Voltaire and Their Associates
The Raree Show Or the Fox Trapt an Opera Written by Joseph Peterson
A List of Books c Lately Published by G Kearsley at Doctor Johnsons Head No 46 Fleet-Street London Where All New Publications May Be Had Also Doctor Norriss Drops for Colds and Fevers
The Power of Gold Displayed! in the Humane Proposal of the Right Hon William Pitt Chancellor of the Exchequer to Bring Forward an ACT to Put His Majesty Into the Disagreeable Situation of Signing a Decree That No Sick Person Third Ed
The Life of Mr James Spiller the Late Famous Comedian in Which Is Interspersd Much of the Poetical History of His Own Times by George Akerby Painter
An Oration Pronounced July 4th 1794 at the Request of the Inhabitants of the Town of Boston in Commemoration of the Anniversary of American Independence by John Phillips [three Lines of Latin Quotation]
A Corrective Suplement to Wm Lemprieres Tour from Gibraltar to Tangier Sall e Mogador c c and Thence to Morocco by Franco Sanchez
The Brave Irishman a Farce as It Is Acted at the Theatre in Edinburgh
A Tale of a Man and His Mare Found in an Old Manuscript Never Before Printed the Second Edition with Additions
The Departure of Elijah Lamented a Sermon Preached at the Funeral of the Rev Stephen Williams DD Pastor of a Church in Springfield Who Departed This Life June 10th 1782 in the Ninetieth Year of His Age
A Discourse on the Advantages Which Accrve to This Country from the Intimate Connexion Which Subsists Between the Several Ranks and Orders in Society by Eirenophilos
The Watchmans Duty and Desire Or the Prayer of Faithful Ministers for the Lords Beauty on His Church and Success in Their Work a Sermon Preached at the Opening of the Synod of Perth and Stirling 1727
A Series of Prints of Scripture History Designed as Ornaments for Those Apartments in Which Children Receive the First Rudiments of Their Education
A Letter from a Physician at Penrith in Cumberland to a Gentleman in London Lately Perverted to the Roman Catholick Religion Intended as a Preservative Against Apostacy with a Letter by Way of Preface
The Lottery a Farce as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal by His Majestys Servants by Henry Fielding
An Essay Upon English Tragedy with Remarks Upon the ABBE de Blancs Observations on the English Stage by William Guthrie Esq
An Essay on the True Interests and Resources of the Empire of the King of Great-Britain and Ireland c c by the Earl of A-H
A Treatise on the Excellency Worth and Knowledge of the Holy Scriptures With Some Rules and Directions for Understanding the Same Also Proper Citations of Scripture
The Defence of Warner Mifflin Against Aspersions Cast on Him on Account of His Endeavors to Promote Righteousness Mercy and Peace Among Mankind [two Lines from Galatians]
A Letter to the Right Rev Lewis by Lord Bishop of Norwich Requesting His Lordship to Name the Prelate That He Referred as Contending Strenuously for the General Excellence of Our Present Authorised Translation of the Bible
Two Letters Addressed to the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Landaff Occasioned by the Distinction His Lordship Hath Made Between the Operation of the Holy Spirit in the Primative Ministers of Christ
An Investigation of the Cause of the Present High Price of Provisions by the Author of the Essay on the Principle of Population
An Answer to a Pamphlet Intitled the Proceedings of the Honourable House of Commons of Ireland in Rejecting the Altered Money Bill the Same Relates to the Argument of a Pamphlet Considerations on the Late Bill for Payment
The Report of William Elstobb Land Surveyor and Engineer on the State of the Navigation Between Clayhithe and Denver Sluice 1778 Containing Some Facts Relative to the Bedford Level Corporation
The Fighting Sailor Turnd Peaceable Christian Manifested in the Convincement and Conversion of Thomas Lurting with a Short Relation of Many Great Dangers and Wonderful Deliverances He Met Withal Written for Private Satisfaction
A Defence of the Subscription to the XXXIX Articles as It Is Required in the University of Oxford Occasioned by a Late Pamphlet Entitled Reflections on the Impropriety and Inexpediency of Lay-Subscription to the XXXIX Articles
New Dangers to the Christian Priesthood Or a Serious Enquiry Into the Proper Administrator of Christian Baptism in a Letter to the Author of Lay-Baptism Invalid
A Farther Defence of Infant Baptism Wherein the Infants Right Upon the Parents Faith Is Illustrated by Those Miracles Which Jesus Performed and Is Addressed to Adult-Baptizers in General
Nixons Cheshire Prophecy at Large Printed from the Lady Cowpers Original in the Reign of Queen Anne with Historical and Political Remarks And Several Instances Pointed Out Wherein It Has Been Fulfilled the Fifteenth Edition
The Renowned History of the Seven Champions of Christendom St George of England St Denis of France St James of Spain St Anthony of Italy St Andrew of Scotland St Patrick of Ireland and St David of Wales
Prayers and Thanksgivings to Be Offerd Up to God in Christian Assemblies for Magistrates Supreme and Subordinate Set Forth in a Sermon Preachd in Bartholomew-Close on the Occasion of the Publick Thanksgiving November 22d 1709
Priestcraft Defended a Sermon Occasioned by the Expulsion of Six Young Gentlemen from the University of Oxford for Praying Reading and Expounding the Scriptures the Thirteenth Edition Corrected and Much Enlarged
The Nature and Design of the Lords Supper Deduced and Evinced from the Most Early Institutions of Religion and the Main Purport of the Levitical Law a Discourse Deliverd in the Authors Parish Church on Good Friday 1736
The Dependance of the Whole Law and the Prophets on the Two Primary Commandments A Sermon Preached Before the Ministers and Messengers of the Baptist Churches Belonging to the Western Association
Consolations Against the Fears of Death a Sermon Preachd on Sunday Nov 4 1711 at St Peters at Sandwich in Kent to Richard Partridge of Deal Condemnd for the Murder Committed on His Son
Considerations on the Natural History of the Earth and Its Minerals a Third Sermon Preached at the Church of St Leonard Shoreditch Two Discourses the One on Botanical Philosophy the Other on the Oeconomy of Beasts and Cattle
Address to the Worthy Labourer Humbly Hoping It May Make Them More Rich Chearful and Happy Also a Letter to a Reverend Divine as Some Apology to the Clergy for a Laymans Attempting to Promote Christian Knowledge
The Sincere and Hearty Confession of Mr William Fuller Being a True Account of the Persons That Assisted Him in the Design of Imposing Mrs Mary Grey Upon the World as the Mother of the Pretended Prince of Wales
A Wolf in Sheeps Cloathing Or an Old Jesuit Unmasked Containing an Account of the Wonderful Apparition of Father Petres Ghost in the Form of the Rev John Wesley
Letters to the Rev Dr Priestley of Leeds in Defence of an Appeal to the Common Sense of Plain and Common Christians to Which Is Added a Letter to the Rev W Graham MA Containing Remarks on His Sermon
An Astronomical Diary Or an Almanack for the Year of Our Lord Christ 1753 Calculated for the Meridian of Boston in New-England Lat 42 Deg 25 Min North And Long 69 Deg West from the Meridian of London [seven Lines of Verse]
Or Womans Almanack for the Year of Our Lord 1786 Being the Second After Bissextile or Leap-Year Containing New Improvements in Arts and Sciences and Many Entertaining Particulars
An Apology for the Foreign Protestant Churches Having No Episcopacy And an Answer to the Unchristian and Uncharitable Principles of Mr Henry Cantrel
The Regal Clerical and Laical Bayliffs Cited by Three Somners to Give a Reckoning of Their Bayliwickes a Sermon in Two Parts No Less Fruitful Than Famous Preachd 1388 and Found Out Hid in a Wall the Fourteenth Edition
Or Law Is a Bottomless-Pit Printed from a Manuscript Found in the Cabinet of the Famous Sir Humphry Polesworth And Publishd as Well at [sic] the Three Former Parts
A Catalogue of Valuable Books in Different Languages and Faculties To Be Sold by Way of Sale at the Shop of W Gordon Bookseller in the Parliament Close Edinburgh
Extracts from the Journals of the House of Commons Concerning the Bishoprick of Durham and Sending Members to Parliament for the County City of Durham Barnardcastle and Hartlepool
Proceedings Relative to the Accident by Lightning at Heckingham
Opposition Dangerous by Thomas Lister Ba
Articles of the New Union Society at the Falcon in Hertford Begun February the 21st One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty-One
National Prosperity the Joint Product of Just Government and Dutiful Subjection a Sermon Preachd Before the University of Oxford at St Marys on Sunday June 22 1755 by William Sharp
Brief Reflexions on the Correspondence Between Lord Grenville and M Otto in August and September 1800
Morning and Evening Prayers for Families and Private Persons as Masters Mistresses Children and Servants the Fourteenth Edition
Papal Rome and Pagan Rome Led by the Same Persecuting Spirit in a Dialogue Betwixt a Christian Catholick and One That Called Himself a Roman Catholick the Second Edition with Some Few Variations
Royal Patents and Letters for Incorporating and Encouraging the Honourable Artillery Company Viz I the Patent of Henry VIII 1537 VII the Letter of George III 1766
Satirical Humourous and Familiar Pieces Prose the Disabled Soldier Character of a Sot the Art of Punning c
Instructions for Officers Who Survey Makers of Candles in the Country
Free Thoughts Upon the Doctrines of Election Fall of Man and Restoration by Christ the Second Edition Wherein What Has Been Advancd Against the First Edition Is Answerd
Two Short Catechisms for the Instruction of Beginners and to Prepare Them for the Sacraments the Fifth Edition Corrected
The Court of Adul***y A Vision
Instructions for Officers Who Survey Maltsters and Cider Dealers in the Country
Sailing and Fighting Instructions for His Majestys Fleet
Observations by the Committees of the Writers to the Signet and of the Heritors and Housholders of Edinburgh Upon a Memorial for the Magistrates and Council Concerning the Affair of the Poors-Rate c
Disputatio Medica Inauguralis de Caloris in Corporibus Humanis Effectibus Quam Pro Gradu Doctoris Eruditorum Examini Subjicit Johannes Wallwin
A Poem Humbly Inscribd to the Gentlemen of the Oxfordshire Society
The Art of Singing Or a Short and Easy Method for Obtaining a Perfect Knowledge of the Gregorian Note
Articles of Enquiry with a Letter to the Clergy in Order to a Parochial Visitation of the Several Churches and Chapels in the Archdeaconry of Rochester To Be Made by John Denne DD Archdeacon of Rochester
Epistola Ad Edw Bentham a Johanne Burton
Odes by G Dyer M Robinson A L Barbauld - Rack J Ogilvie R F Cheetham c
The Poolish Diet A Poem
Une Grossesse
La Cam riste Roman de Moeurs
Epistola Critica Gr ce Conscripta Ad Joh Gul Thompson Accedit Eulogium Memori Sacrum Johan Rogers STP Item Epistola Ad Edw Bentham a Johanne Burton
Du R gime de la Liquidation Judiciaire de Ses Inconv nients Et de Ses Avantages de Sa Comparaison
Maria Ou Soir Et Matin Tome 2
Grammaire Latine de Lhomond 2e dition
R publique Histoire de la Famille Clairvent Tome 2 La
Oeuvres Tome 1
Auguste Et Victorine Ou Les Deux Violettes Notices Historiques 3e dition
Code Des Parquets Tome 2
Oeuvres Compl tes Po sies Et Th tre
Guide Des Transports Par Chemins de Fer lUsage Des Agriculteurs Commer ants
Contes Et L gendes
Le Duc de Reichstadt
LIndustrie Des Eaux Min rales Naturelles Et Artificielles Monographie Juridique
Les Fractures Des OS Longs Leur Traitement Pratique
Les Eaux Min rales Consid r es Dans Leurs Rapports Avec La Chimie Et La G ologie
Th orie Nouvelle de la Phthisie Pulmonaire Augment e de la M thode Pr servatrice
Essais Dramatiques
Striking Images Iconoclasms Past and Present
Technique Chirurgicale Tome 1
Retro Camera Buying Guide Getting Serious about Photography402 On the Cheap! Expanded and Revised
l ments de M decine Pratique Traduit de lAllemand
Transformers IDW Collection Phase Two Volume 7
Po sies dApr s Le Manuscrit de Lord Ashburnham
Jagtikikarnatil Lokprashasan Siddhant Aani Vyavhar
Lecturas Sobre Lecturas
Monet and Architecture
Strategic Leadership The Generals Art
Glass Sky
My Mothers Silence
The Jungle Bunch
Secret Puglia Amazing Places to Stay
The Best You 2016 Planner
The European Union and Global Labour Law
Hopes Betrayal
New Century Maths 12 Mathematics Standard 1 Student Book
Islam Sufism and Everyday Politics of Belonging in South Asia
Japan The Cookbook
Mayday Mayday Mayday Tornado Down
Presumed Dead
The Politics of Controlling Organized Crime in Greater China
Work and Academic Politics A Journeymans Story
The Mouldmakers Handbook
Creole Identity in Postcolonial Indonesia
Zen Paintings in Edo Japan (1600-1868) Playfulness and Freedom in the Artwork of Hakuin Ekaku and Sengai Gibon
Rethinking Britains Far-Right
Chinese Politics as Fragmented Authoritarianism Earthquakes Energy and Environment
Pathways Reading Writing and Critical Thinking 3 Student Book 3B Online Workbook
The Social Fabric of Cities
Warfare Since the Second World War
Pathways Reading Writing and Critical Thinking 3 Student Book 3A Online Workbook
The Agendas of Tibetan Refugees Survival Strategies of a Government-in-Exile in a World of Transnational Organizations
Thirty Years of Chinas Reform
Composing for Voice Exploring Voice Language and Music
Religion and Art in the Heart of Modern Manhattan St Peters Church and the Louise Nevelson Chapel
The Redeployment of State Power in the Southern Mediterranean Implications of Neoliberal Reforms for Local Governance
Chinese Economists on Economic Reform - Collected Works of Yu Guangyuan
The Big Book of Blobs
Classical Liberalism and the Jewish Tradition
Serene Urbanism A biophilic theory and practice of sustainable placemaking
NYCTA Graphics Standards Manual
Chinas Economic Culture The Ritual Order of State and Markets
Russian Aviation Space Flight and Visual Culture
Elsewhere Volume I A Novel
The Forsyte Saga Volume I
The Strategy of Freedom (Works of Harold J Laski) An Open Letter to Students especially American
Trends in Chinese Education
Birds of Ecuador
New Woman Fiction 1881-1899 Part II vol 6
Workers Movements and Strikes in the Twenty-First Century A Global Perspective
Work Breakdown Structures for Projects Programs and Enterprises
In Darfur An Account of the Sultanate and Its People Volume One
Landscape and the Science Fiction Imaginary
The Catholic Church and Soviet Russia 1917-39
The Art of Bar Design
Inclusion in Action Practical Strategies to Modify Your Curriculum
Healing Spaces Modern Architecture and the Body
The Importance of Elsewhere The Globalist Humanist Tourist
The Blue Tit
Disability Politics in a Global Economy Essays in Honour of Marta Russell
The Crossroads of Time
Friedel Dzubas
Bunches of Stories for Children
Precept Upon Precept Volume 1
Academic Vocation in the Church and Academy Today And With All Of Your Mind
HombresgNet 20 Aios En La Web
Communism in Germany
The Opening Bell
Forged in Flames
Contes Du Soleil Et de la Pluie 1902-1907 Pr face Et Bibliographie Par Jean-Luc Buard
Erold Linch Le Passage [402dition Spzciale]
Chinese Economists on Economic Reform - Collected Works of Du Runsheng
Cuckoldry Impotence and Adultery in Europe (15th-17th century)
Mes Annes Voyages - 1 - Les Chemins de Sable
Darkness Refelcted
The Japanese Pharmaceutical Industry Its Evolution and Current Challenges
Eric Bristow - The Crafty Cockney!
Anclado a Tus Demonios
Western Society in Transition
ARC and Flo
George Hadfield Architect of the Federal City
The Government Subcontractors Guide to Terms and Conditions
Four Brothers in Sickness Book 7
Ageing Wellbeing and Climate Change in the Arctic An interdisciplinary analysis
Mega-event Cities Urban Legacies of Global Sports Events
Prisoner of Russia Alexander Pushkin and the Political Uses of Nationalism
The Secrets of Successful Selling Habits
Reflections on Architecture Society and Politics Social and Cultural Tectonics in the 21st Century
The Creationists Guide to Evolution
La Laiti re de Montfermeil
Nouvelles Historiques Tome 1
Ruminations from a Seasoned Curmudgeon
British Art in the Nuclear Age
Place Memory and Healing An Archaeology of Anatolian Rock Monuments
Green Asia Ecocultures Sustainable Lifestyles and Ethical Consumption
Sex Trafficking in Southeast Asia A History of Desire Duty and Debt
Cases of Teachers Data Use
Gender Inequality in the Eastern European Labour Market Twenty-five years of transition since the fall of communism
Managing Drugs in Sport
Elements de Medecine Pratique Tome 3
The Creationists Guide to Paleontology
A Muslim Response to Evil Said Nursi on the Theodicy
Heritage Knowledge in the Curriculum Retrieving an African Episteme
Chinese Economists on Economic Reform - Collected Works of Lou Jiwei
Elements de Medecine Pratique Tome 2
Principes de Jurisprudence Fran aise Pour Servir lIntelligence Du Code Civil Tome 1
Stepping Up! Teachers Advocating for Sexual and Gender Diversity in Schools
Kyrgyzstan - Regime Security and Foreign Policy
Consort Suites and Dance Music by Town Musicians in German-Speaking Europe 1648-1700 PBD
NIV Journal the Word Reference Bible Leathersoft Gold Gray Red Letter Edition Comfort Print Let Scripture Explain Scripture Reflect on What You Learn
Textiles Fashion and Design Reform in Austria-Hungary Before the First World War Principles of Dress
Strategic Communication Social Media and Democracy The challenge of the digital naturals
Short Stirling Units of World War 2
Contemporary Trotskyism Parties Sects and Social Movements in Britain
The Oxford Handbook of Feminist Theory
Will Big Business Destroy Our Planet
Leonardo da Vinci The Complete Paintings
Animal Locomotion
Construcci n de Curvas Vol 2
Integrative Body-Mind-Spirit Social Work An Empirically Based Approach to Assessment and Treatment
Patriotic Ayatollahs Nationalism in Post-Saddam Iraq
Relational Organisational Gestalt An Emergent Approach to Organisational Development
Cyberactivism on the Participatory Web
Knowledge Transfer and Innovation
A History of UNESCO Global Actions and Impacts
Cultivating Strong Girls Library Programming That Builds Self-Esteem and Challenges Inequality
Robert Crumb Sketchbook Vol 3 1975-1982
True Disbelievers Elvis Contagion
Goodbye Goliath One Mans Journey to Sobriety
Chinas Global Quest for Resources Energy Food and Water
Sculpting Simulacra in Medieval Germany 1250-1380
Chinese Economists on Economic Reform - Collected Works of Chen Xiwen
Serial Vengeance
Ruins Entrance
Seven Plates at the Table
My Gift to You The Authors Favorite Poems
British and American Letter Manuals 1680-1810 Volume 3
Eighteenth-Century Thing Theory in a Global Context From Consumerism to Celebrity Culture
China in Early Enlightenment Political Thought
Enemy on Home Soil
Life Writing and Space
The Opening of the Cybernetic Frontier Cities of the Prairie
Michael Baxandall Vision and the Work of Words
Flawed Gods
Old Women and Art in the Early Modern Italian Domestic Interior
Rural Modernity Everyday Life and Visual Culture
Chinas Road to Peaceful Rise Observations on its Cause Basis Connotation and Prospect
A Devious Plan
Trait Des Maladies de la Bouche Pathologie Interne Suivi dUn Pr cis dHygi ne de Cette Cavit
Finding Their Way
Oeuvres Compl tes Romans Et Nouvelles
The Celtic Harp Orchestra Scores Collection 2003-2018
Chirurgie G n rale Des Muscles Des Tendons Des Bourses S reuses Et de la Peau
Manuel de lArt Des Accouchements Description Abr g e Des Fonctions Et Des Organes Du Corps Humain
Vade-Mecum Des Juges de Paix Et de Leurs Suppl ants Audiences Civiles
Recherches Anatomo-Cliniques Sur Les R actions Pleuro-Corticales
Th se de la Conversion de la S paration de Corps En Divorce En Droit Fran ais
Ethnog nie Caucasienne Recherches Sur La Formation Et Le Lieu dOrigine Des Peuples thiopiens
Operation Lebensraum Illegal Migration from Bangladesh
Atlas-Manuel de Chirurgie G n rale
Afraja Roman Traduit de lAllemand
Blanche de Qu len Ou lH ro ne Chr tienne pisode Des Croisades
Le Livre Terrible
Th se de Doctorat de lAuctoritas Tutoris En Droit Romain
M morial de Famille Tome 1
Paul Briolat
Th se de la R version dUn Droit de Propri t Ou dUn Droit Viager Entre poux En Droit Fran ais
Le Dernier Des Rabasteins
Vierge Et Martyre Volume 2
Bassin Houiller Et Permien de Brive Fascicule I Stratigraphie
Code Annot Des Soci t s Commerciales Anonymes
Antiphon and Andocides Speeches (Antiphontis et Andocidis Orationes)
Psychology for Teachers
SAGE Guide to Social Work Careers Your Journey to Advocacy
Undocumented Immigration and the Militarization of the US-Mexico Border
Popular Music Digital Technology and Society
India-China Relations Politics of Resources Identity and Authority in a Multipolar World Order
Redefining Pilgrimage New Perspectives on Historical and Contemporary Pilgrimages
Contract Law
Jordan and the Arab Uprisings Regime Survival and Politics Beyond the State
Ford Fiesta petrol diesel 13 to 17
Innovation Platforms for Agricultural Development Evaluating the mature innovation platforms landscape
The Science of Climbing and Mountaineering
Kubota Compilation K1 K2 K3
The Monumental Challenge of Preservation The Past in a Volatile World
Ready To Fire How India and I Survived the ISRO Spy Case
Friends and Other Strangers Studies in Religion Ethics and Culture
Psychology of a Superpower Security and Dominance in US Foreign Policy
A Bouquet Of Dyson And Other Reflections On Science And Scientists
NIV Womens Devotional Bible Large Print Leathersoft Brown Pink
No Country Working-Class Writing in the Age of Globalization
Lust on Trial Censorship and the Rise of American Obscenity in the Age of Anthony Comstock
Levicks Introduction to Cardiovascular Physiology
Irony Cynicism and the Chinese State
Fichtes Ethics
The Big Book of Blob Trees
Food Security Gender and Resilience Improving Smallholder and Subsistence Farming
Perspectives Upper Intermediate Students Book and Workbook Split Edition A
As the World Ages Rethinking a Demographic Crisis
Some Kind of Justice The ICTYs Impact in Bosnia and Serbia
The Cold!
A Business of State Commerce Politics and the Birth of the East India Company
Perspectives Upper Intermediate Students Book and Workbook Split Edition B
Koken Met de Petteflet
Taiwan and The `China Impact Challenges and Opportunities
Rashomon Effects Kurosawa Rashomon and their legacies
Tailored For Freedom The Artistic Dress in 1900 in Fashion Art and Society
Ink Blood Fire
Teaching Reading and Phonics to Children with Language and Communication Delay
Communication in Accounting Education
The Right of Publicity Privacy Reimagined for a Public World
Shakespeare Court Dramatist
Plato as Critical Theorist
Bush Bound Young Men and Rural Permanence in Migrant West Africa
Contemporary Britain
Origami Fun Dinosaurs
The Oxford Handbook of the Age of Shakespeare
Rival Sisters Art and Music at the Birth of Modernism 1815-1915
Artistic Interventions in Organizations Research Theory and Practice
Ford Explorer Mercury Mountainer 02-10 (Chilton)
Studying Gender in Medieval Europe Historical Approaches
Heinrich Ludewig Mangers Koenigl Preuss Ober-Hof-Baurath Und Garteninspectors Baugeschichte Von Potsdam Besonders Unter Der Regierung Koenig Friedrichs Des Zweiten Vol 1 Welcher Die Baugeschichte Von Den AEltesten Zeiten Bis 1762 Enthalt
Insight On the Origins of New Ideas
Origami Fun Aircraft
Complete Guide to Digital Project Management From Pre-Sales to Post-Production
Urban Allotment Gardens in Europe
Understanding Global Media
The Long-Lost Secret Diary of the Worlds Worst Knight
The Use of Force in Criminal Justice
Archiv Fur Kriminalanthropologie Und Kriminalistik 1903 Vol 1 Mit 23 Abbildungen Im Text Und 2 Tafeln
Contemporary United States An Age of Anger and Resistance
LAcide Ph nique de Son Action Sur Les V g taux Les Animaux Les Ferments Les Venins Les Virus
Sociology as Applied to Health and Medicine
Iranian Music and Popular Entertainment From Motrebi to Losanjelesi and Beyond
Gender Equality and the Media A Challenge for Europe
Lign e Des Prouvost La Leur Tradition de Servir Le Bien Commun Depuis Le Moyen- ge
Droits Et Devoirs de la Femme Devant La Loi Fran aise
Trait Pratique Des missions Sanguines
Essai Sur Les Fi vres Adynamiques Et Celle Qui R gne pid miquement Aux Indes Occidentales
Women Architects in India Histories of Practice in Mumbai and Delhi
Conscience and Critic The selected works of Keith Tudor
Food and Knowledge in Renaissance Italy Bartolomeo Scappis Paper Kitchens
Trusts Equity
The Color Line and the Assembly Line Managing Race in the Ford Empire
Latino City Urban Planning Politics and the Grassroots
Hope for Children of Trauma An international perspective
The Victoria Cross Australia Remembers
Agricultural Markets Instability Revisiting the Recent Food Crises
Amant Malgr Lui
Bleach Shinigami Collection 7 Eps 268-316
Creative Research in Economics
Positioning Theory and Strategic Communication A new approach to public relations research and practice
Deutschtowns Pigeon Hill
The Door to Wisdom
Du Galvanisme Appliqu La M decine Et de Son Efficacit Dans Le Traitement Des Affections
Law Lawyering and Legal Education Building an Ethical Profession in a Globalizing World
The Creationists Guide to Quantum Physics
Selezione Antropologia Storia Tecnica Scienza Volume 1
Discourse and Democracy Critical Analysis of the Language of Government
Revisiting the National Socialist Legacy Coming to Terms with Forced Labor Expropriation Compensation and Restitution
The Music of Childrens Wings
Trait Th orique Et Pratique Des Expertises En Mati re P nale
The Reset Button The 16-Bit Collection
Th orie Et Pratique Des Obligations Tome 2
Dictionnaire Pratique de L gislation Et de Jurisprudence Op rations de Bourse N gociation
New Woman Fiction 1881-1899 Part III vol 7
Migrant Workers in Russia Global Challenges of the Shadow Economy in Societal Transformation
Making the Most of Your Years
The Famous Twenty Mule Borax Team from Death Valley California
A Sunny Morning A Comedy of Madrid in One Act
Compound and Simple Interest Tables Also a Few Hints as to the Advantages of Saving
The Sikandar N257ma E Bari or Book of Alexander the Great Written A D 1200 Translated for the First Time Out of the Persian Into Prose with Critical and Explanatory Remarks with an Introductory Preface and with a Life of the Author Collected Fro
Identification and Control of Honey Bee Diseases
Record of the Coe Family 1596 1856
The Pope and the President A Problem Solved
Camp Pottsgrove September 18th to 26th 1777 General Washington with His Continental Army at Fagleysville New Hanover Township Montgomery County Pennsylvania
Palatka Putnam County Florida The Gem City
Inscriptions Alphabetically Arranged of the Tombstones in the Old Cemetery at Stone Church Northampton County Pa
Christmas Story
Dictionnaire Arabe-Franiais Vol 1 Contenant Toutes Les Racines de la Langue Arabe Leurs Dirivis Tant Dans lIdiome Vulgaire Que Dans lIdiome Littiraire Ainsi Que Les Dialectes dAlger Et de Maroc
The Battle of San Pasqual 1921 A Report of the California Historical Survey Commission with Special Reference to Its Location
Code Noir Ou Edit Du Roy Servant de Reglement Pour Le Gouvernement Et lAdministration de Justice Et La Police Des Isles Franioises de lAmerique Et Pour La Discipline Et Le Commerce Des Negres Et Esclaves Dans Ledit Pays Le Donni i Versailles Au M
Das Pflanzenreich 1901 Regni Vegetabilis Conspectus Im Auftrage Der Kinigl Preuss Akademie Der Wissenschaften IV 75 Rafflesiaceae U IV 76 Hydnoraceae
A Thousand Years of Philippine History Before the Coming of the Spaniards
Notes on the History of the Jews in Barbados
Rimisches Staatsrecht Vol 2 1 Abtheilung
When the Tide Turned The American Attack at Chateau Thierry and Belleau Wood in the First Week of June 1918
Geschichte Der Haupt-Und Residenzstadt Dresden Von Der Fruhesten Bis Auf Die Gegenwartige Zeit Vol 1
Der Salon Fur Literatur Kunst Und Gesellschaft 1883 Vol 2
Stettiner Entomologische Zeitung 1915 Vol 76 Heft 1
Hotel Baldwin Beach Haven N J
Deutsches Buhnen-Jahrbuch (Bisher Neuer Theater-Almanach) 1915 Vol 26 Theatergeschichtliches Jahr-Und Adressenbuch
The Politics of English Second Language Writing Assessment in Global Contexts
Rheinische Blatter Fur Erziehung Und Unterricht Vol 25 Januar-Juni 1842
Film Architecture and Spatial Imagination
Forests Business and Sustainability
Biofuels Food Security and Developing Economies
In Other Words A Coursebook on Translation
The Bengal Diaspora Rethinking Muslim migration
New York School Of Interior Design Home The Foundations of Enduring Spaces
Visual Culture and Public Policy Towards a visual polity
Biological Economies Experimentation and the politics of agri-food frontiers
India Hicks A Slice of England The Story of Four Houses
Critical Geographies of Sport Space Power and Sport in Global Perspective
Britain and China 1840-1970 Empire Finance and War
Sexual Offending A Criminological Perspective
The Unobtrusive Relational Analyst Explorations in Psychoanalytic Companioning
The Rise and Fall of the Right of Silence
Islam A Contemporary Philosophical Investigation
Pepper From Around the World Stories Recipes
Head to Toe The Nude in Graphic Design
The Work of the Dead A Cultural History of Mortal Remains
Contemporary Debates on Terrorism
Victor Horta The Architect of Art Nouveau
Modern Korea and Its Others Perceptions of the Neighbouring Countries and Korean Modernity
Creative Approaches to Planning and Local Development Insights from Small and Medium-Sized Towns in Europe
A Treatise on Equity Jurisprudence as Administered in the United States of America Vol 3 of 4 Adapted for All the States and to the Union of Legal and Equitable Remedies Under the Reformed Procedure
Bulletin of the New York Public Library Astor Lenox and Tilden Foundations Vol 13 January to December 1909
Breviarium Ad Usum Insignis Ecclesiae Sarum Vol 1 In Quo Continentur I Kalendarium Et II Ordo Temporalis Sive Proprium de Tempore Totius Anni Una Cum Ordinali Suo Quod Usitato Vocabulo Dicitur Pica Sive Directorium Sacerdotum
Heilige Augustinus Vol 1 Der Das Leben Des Augustinus Bis Zu Seiner Taufe Oder Bis Zum Schlusse Des Geschichtlichen Thesis Der Confessionen
Electric Railway Journal Vol 64 November 1 1924
Verordnungsblatt Fur Den Dienstbereich Des K K Ministeriums Fur Kultus Und Unterricht 1907
Les Deux Opinions Sur lEffet Retroactif de la Loi de 17 Nivose de lAn 2 Sur Les Successions
Almanach Royal Et National Pour lAn 1834 Presente a Sa Majeste Et Aux Princes Et Princesses de la Famille Royale
International Conciliation 1911-14 Nos 38-73
LAstrologue Du Tiers-Etat Ou Les Predictions Pour lAnnee 1790 Seconde de la Liberte Francoise
Au Roi Et A La Patrie
Au Peuple Sur Ses Vrais Interets
Encyclopedie Ou Dictionnaire Raisonne Des Sciences Des Arts Et Des Metiers Vol 35 Vepres-Voytrberg
Bible Studies Acts
Dictionnaire de Litterature Vol 3 Dans Lequel on Traite de Tout Ce Qui a Rapport A lEloquence A La Poesie Et Aux Belles-Lettres Et Dans Lequel on Enseigne La Marche Et Les Regles Quon Doit Observer Dans Tous Les Ouvrages dEsprit
The Life of William Augustus Duke of Cumberland by Andrew Henderson
Remote Performances in Nature and Architecture
Wittgensteins Vienna Revisited
New Woman Fiction 1881-1899 Part III vol 9
The Organic School of the Russian Avant-Garde Natures Creative Principles
Explication Des Ouvrages de Peinture Sculpture Architecture Gravure Et Lithographie Des Artistes Vivants Exposes Au Palais Des Champs-Elysees Le 1er Mai 1874
The Uses of Excess in Visual and Material Culture 1600-2010
Artistic Practices and Cultural Transfer in Early Modern Italy Essays in Honour of Deborah Howard

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