Pakistani actress Mahira Khan is ready for your first steps in Bollywood and not less than Shahrukh Khan, Rahul Dholakia in Raees.
The actress, who (an impressive debut in Bollywood in Khoobsurat last year) became a household name in India after crossing Pakistani television program Humsafar actor Fawad Khan said back over his foray into Hindi cinema and home theater industry – Ho Man Jahaan.
In an exclusive interview Mahira talked about the transition from the small to the big screen, Shah Rukh Khan-screen, and much more.
His foray into Bollywood, Mahira said: “I do not know how people like me there (Bollywood), but it was a very different experience, I went there like a sponge while taking only …. I did not want to intervene in anyone’s toes. Because, I’m very excited. I’m in the room of all and to work. And everyone has warned me not to do. So I sat down and listened to them. I tried to meet Mr. Khan. I could not, but I tried to make it better. ”
Speaking of his co-star Raees, Mahira said .. “I have much to learn from Mr. Shahrukh Khan, as well as learn from him I understood it when I got home, I turned and shot a song Ho Man Jahaan and my manager was like, “What’s wrong with you.” He continued by saying that “you throw a cloak. She grew up as an actor. “And I think it’s because I leave my comfort zone. At this time, you do not realize it’s happening so fast. But when you come back you realize” Oh something I learned. ”
Mahira not only praised the King Khan, but his team in India, it was to feel like home for them.

She said: “The people were very nice and the crew was super crew encouraged me, although I do not see an active dialogue or a dance that was not a law encouraging It was nice to get That’s what has happened here … . (Pakistan). They miss me as easily. ”
“Sometimes I have to lose your home, but this was the first 10 days or so, when I was getting into character. After all, they were my people. Now I’m back, I’ll be much safer and happier. I know I go back to these people, “he said.
Back at home, Mahira is famous for his roles in TV series such Humsafar, Shehr-e-Zaat and Neeyat. And while some find that. The transition from the small screen to the big screen at different Mahira, it was just traded
She said .. “I do not think that there is another camera, there are people, and there is a manager and not a script So there is no other, but when I’m Roye (which I have a while of shooting Drama) then made (director) movie Asim Raza -. Ho Man Jahaan – then I realized there is a difference and the difference is that it is larger that life “..
“My first appearance was in a movie – .. Bol was a very small part, but it was a movie, then I went to the theater, a big hit What I like movies, compared to the drama that was, it is (movies). It’s a never ending story. It is not monotonous. They talk for two hours, so it can not be repeated b. In the drama, you come in every Friday screen, allowing you to remind the audience, what happened last Sunday. Therefore, is that the only difference. There is no other difference. For me it is easy to handle, “he added.
And although Mahira carved a niche for itself as the Humsafar Khirad Falak and Shehr-e-Zaat who wanted to change to change their approach and recording.
“I spent two years of my life in the basket of Roye and the simple fact that I had decided I did not want drama and it shortly after my series Shehr-e-Zaat it was I, after all, Humsafar and told me.” Nobody does that. What are you doing? They are only 2-3 age groups. Who does that? ‘. But the script was like coming, even though some were incredible. But I thought we film list. We are an industry that are ready to go full throttle in the cinema, “said the actress.

“And Bin Roye ran into some problems and difficulties. And I stayed with her for two years and I came as a better actor, perhaps. He taught me a lot. I do not think I will never so much emotionally invest in another characters or movie. ”
Speaking of his two movies at home, she said: “From Bin Roye I went to Ho Man Jahaan Saba, the plant is, knows nothing, is complicated, it is brash and reckless, …. She is immature it all and is passionate Obsessive Manizeh Ho Man Jahaan know Manizeh is their opinion, they mature, it is a fresh young girl is. .. it is the quintessence of the girls today. ”
“They were so different characters that I struggled to get into the shoes Manizeh. Asim used to be the same” What are you doing, why are you their dramatic dialogues. … “And I know I’m still in fashion drama So I really had to break Saba more like Manizeh And from then on, I have a song for Bon Roye, where the little girl was confident Manizeh I thought: ‘What happened. “he added.
Ho Man Jahaan plan this year, while start Raees on screens in the year 2016th