Lehenga Choli Rajasthani Jaipuri Bandhani Style for Women 2015 Collection


Lehenga Choli Rajasthani Jaipuri Bandhani Style for Women 2015 Collection. Whenever we talk about India then it means we are talking a diverse range of culture because Indian is a country that is blessed with lots of different & versatile cultures. Each state of India has different style of clothing, footwear, language, food items, living style & so on.

If we highlight only the Indian state Rajasthan then I think the art & culture are twp words that will immediately clicks into our minds. Rajasthan & its people are blessed with handicraft skills. They make lots of everyday usage items with their own hands by using light & bright color combinations,.

Today, I am here with the most stunning, popular & famous Rajasthani culture inspired lehenga choli or chaniya choli collection for girls & ladies. These lehenga choli are adorned very beautifully with mirror work, laces, hand embroidery & motifs. The most common feature of these Lehengas is that these are very colorful & looks very bright to the eyes. Let’s have a look at versatile range of Rajasthani or Japuri culture inspired lehenga choli.

Red & Yellow Bandhani Lehenga Choli:

1 Bandhani style lehenga choli collection 2015 (3) This is a pure red & yellow color combination traditional style lehenga choli. This Indian state also exports this style of Lehengas in all over the world. So, you can find this style from almost every big Indian retail shop. A little bit scattered mirror work is making really very stunning. Perfect dress for festive Indian wear!

Hand Embroidered Bandhani Lehenga Choli:

2 Bandhani style lehenga choli collection 2015 (1)Check out this another master creation by the designer! The designer takes precise inspiration from Jaipuri culture & creates this piece for Navratris, Garba and Danidya dance festivals.

Black & Red Paisley Art Inspired Lehenga Choli:

Look deeply on the above picture! The black & red color combo is looking very romantic to the eyes; furthermore the light golden color paisley art is enhancing the traditional charm of this dress.

Mirror Work Bandhani Lehenga Choli in Blue & Pink Color:

This lehenga choli is designed by taking inspiration from the mirror work of Bandhani art. You can see the mirror work all over the choli as well as on the hemline of lehenga & at the borders of duppata.

Lehenga Choli in Bandhani Style:

Some more photos are shown below. Each picture is depicting a new style & design of bandhani art. So, have a deep & keen look. Observe carefully & follow the design!

Lehenga Choli Rajasthani Jaipuri Bandhani Style for Women 2015 Collection