Green Tea


Green tea good for health, the first tea came in 1600 AD by sea to Europe and was first enjoyed “green“. This tea form but was ousted200 years later by the black teaGreen tea is very healthy for losing body weight and fats also. Today, the green tea enjoys renewed rise in popularity. Very few of us know that this form of stimulant contains a lot of valuable ingredients, and thus may be described as a genuine all rounder.

Benefits of green tea

1.  In green tea ingredients are caffeine,contain trace amounts of vitamin CBD,fluoridezinccalciumpotassiumiodinecoppermanganese and theobromine.

2.  The vitamin content is relatively low, so that only strong tea drinkers absorb appreciable amounts of it over the tea. For fluoride, which hardens the tooth enamel and caries inhibits, the green tea is an important source of food. He is also particularly rich in Phytochemicals. So the substance group of Polyphenols such as is attributed to a variety of positive effects on the organism.

3.  Protection against free radicals, support detoxification processes in the body and inhibition of inflammation are just some of them. Also green teahelps in fats burning from body andweight loss.

4.  A number of substances in green tea act alleged preventive or even curative in cardiovascular disease. The gently stimulating and at the same time mild narcotic properties make this type of tea particularly valuable because diseases such as hypertension and heart attack strongly associated with stress and anxiety are.

5.  In addition, green tea contains abundant flavonoids, which reduce the risk ofcardiovascular disease probably with regular enjoyment. These substances reduce most likely next to the high blood pressure and cholesterol levels and the risk of stomach, colon and breast cancer and provide for the extension of the duration of action of vitamin C in the body.

6.  The caffeine contained in green tea is the circulation supplied delaying, i.e it is not as strong stimulant such as in cola or coffee. The body is positively refreshed by the caffeine, but not too excited. Due to the high manganese content of green tea is particularly important in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.