Fashion Designer Sana Barry Exclusive Interview


1. Your father Nazrul Islam was a legendary film director. How come you missed out the film line and shifted to fashion


I was never too keen to pursue my career in the showbiz. Although my brother chose to follow my father’s footsteps in this field, and I was always busy in designing clothes for myself.


2. In the initial phase of the fashion design career, it was all kid stuff and now the diversity has come in. Was it by chance or the creativity was God gifted


Yes, that’s true I started with kids line but my friends kept coming to me to get something designed for them.  So this is how the diversity came. I enjoy doing both.


3. How do you perceive fashion and style, now that you have achieved success


Style comes from within, whereas fashion is something that keeps changing time to time and people should choose to follow a fashion trend wisely because it changes their whole personality so they should wear what suits them. Like they say “YOU ARE WHAT YOU WEAR”.


4. The field of casual wear is fiercely competitive and can cause nervousness and uncertainty. Do you agree and if so, how do you stay focused and online


Yes. I totally agree that fashion is changing very quickly. In order to stay online one has to keep coming up with new designs.


5. You are also into formal wear for adults. In this regard how the fabric selection is made


Fabric selection is made according to the client’s choice and budget. But usually I prefer using pure fabric for formal wear.


6. Do the fabric manufacturers reach out to you for advice


Yes. They do


7. For the info of our viewers please tell us where to find your products and if any feedback has to be forwarded to you, how this can be done


My outfits are displayed at PDFC and fashion central for now, whereas my studio is in Bedian where I meet my clients for formal wear. Other way of getting in contact is through my facebook page. They can see the designs and leave the feedback there.


8. Before you launched your kid’s line you always spoke of the market being full of boring and expensive stuff. Now that you are in it, has this aspect been taken care of


I try my best to satisfy my clients by giving them value for money.


9. How do you react to criticism?


Positively, I think they help me improve a lot.


10. Has any of your designer failed to take off


Yes like every other designer they did.


11. Are the market threats from the angle of competition a burden on your mind


Yes of course. But from other aspect they help you to do better.


12. Any comments on the Pakistani made fabrics. Do they meet the required standards


Yes. But mostly designers prefer using Indian fabric these days.


13. Any chance that you will inspire your daughters to pursue this career and do they still wear what you make for them


Yes. Because they are too young to decide for themselves so they wear what I make for them. They can choose any career they like whether its fashion designer or anything else.


14. Where do you see your brand three years from  now


Hopefully I will be doing bridal wear.


15. Any regrets in life


None, Alhamdulillah.