Emotional Cheating: Are You Guilty

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They made a detour to each other every morning line, and his lectures more and more personal. “I definitely with him about things I do not talk to my husband, my husband said, because my marriage was so unhappy,” says RenĂ©. He sat a little too close to the meetings. She admits she fantasized about a relationship.

He was some kind of joke? Gail Saltz, MD, associate professor of psychiatry at the York-Presbyterian Hospital / Weill Cornell New School of Medicine, said that “probably”.

“Many of these emotional issues, to move in a sexual adventure,” says Saltz. “If they do not, it’s pretty simple, you yourself not a little wrong to say.”

The problem, he says, is the schedule to this other person relates to the marriage. “Ultimately painful it ends one way or another: Your marriage ends, or you have to give up that person.” RenĂ© marriage eventually ended in divorce, but that does not happen.

Often people who feel involved in emotional affairs is something missing at home. “I wanted to feel feel good, to be understood, to feel. It’s like candy. You go home and have their vehicles, and work and to go candy.”

For some spouses – mostly women, says Saltz – Learning an emotional affair can be worse than the discovery of sexual infidelity. “Everyone understands not necessarily contain a sexual act of affection and intimacy. It could be literally a sexual act. While emotional affair feels like it’s more what it is connected, to love or to taste”.

Emotional Cheating: Are You Guilty

Signs that the limit exceeded
After Saltz these seven red flags can suggesting he entered in an emotional affair:

1.You spend a lot of emotional energy of the person. “You end up sharing things yet to share with its partners -. The hopes and dreams, things that would really like to connect your partners”
They dress for this person.
2.You consider it important to find ways to spend time together, and this time it is very important for you.
3.Youwould feel guilty if your partner seen together as you; You do things and say things that you never do or say in front of your spouse that.
4.You share your feelings of marital dissatisfaction.
Keep secret the amount of time you spend with the person (including e-mail, phone calls, SMS).
You begin, depending on the emotional high that comes with the relationship to feel.