Common Reasons for Husband-Wife Fights


Top 10 Common Reasons for Husband-Wife Fights

10. Time to prepare

Although it sounds silly, but it is in fact one of the main reasons for the fights between couples. And in this case the rules Patriarchate, while putting all the blame on to get ready for hours of his female counterpart. While girls make it stunning hard after hours work and ignored with a smile looking at all the reeds their husbands try to put them through, but petty arguments or conflicts occur because of this.

9. The Ex-Factor

Maintaining good word with your ex might be a good thing to do, but could not be with her boyfriend. That’s exactly what happens in certain arguments during fights between couples. We can not deny our past, and we can not change it. While a healthy relationship with the former is obviously no harm, and this could well instead highlight the possessive nature or uncertainties partner in this relationship. We can not change our past, keep a tab on the current relationship should be the priority. And if the couple is not satisfied with your current situation with your ex is better to keep a healthy relationship. Sometimes you can over friendly with his / her ex who develop Huntington is fuel or differences between the couple. One could say, get insecure possessiveness is over, but sometimes justified, as it would be a word of concern from one side of your partner. Understand the terms of your partner is also equally important that the majority of couples lack strong, and that’s exactly where the blame game begins.

8. Money matters

Money an important role in each one of us has always played life. And what he is doing in the lives of couples, are the seemingly endless arguments. This happens especially when the income gap is huge between the partners, the materialistic to a sense of nonconformity wishes. In Indian family set in the scene has greatly from being a housewife, girl women, the differences seem changed in civil, on a walk, since none of the partners willing to bend or compromise. The remarkable thing is that money makes a person feel safe; and in the case of the woman who gives a sense of empowerment. And this agency is exactly what makes them less controllable compared to what it used to be.

7. Third Party / affairs

People fall love in marriage when. And that is exactly what leads to the entrance of a third party in an apparent happy marital relationship. Psychiatrists say that people fall out of love in marriage, probably because they get bored of the usual monotony of a long-term commitment. That could be a passing phase, but it happens to most couples who takes any temporary separation or divorce. Noteworthy here is that marriage is a commitment or long-term responsibility and has its pros and cons. At how we deal with it as the biggest challenge is to rejuvenate with your partner, even after 20 years of marriage in the same way as you did it feel now 20 years earlier.

6. Childcare

This is another problem that often creates arguments between partners. Exactly how the child works to be educated, or what are the exact values ​​are taught – all this often lead to arguments of both the man and woman, sometimes you can not agree on, and they may have different points view. Fights often break out because they have the authority of the children or that would be the last word on it. Fights / arguments on the issue of children be worse when the parents separated, and sometimes reason often leads to divorce.
5. Nature suspects Partner
Well, that really makes life impossible. If your partner is the one who has to Keera ka Shaq in his / her mind then even God can not help you with anything. Suspected their partner in every little thing is just absurd. But that has become one of the main reasons for the fights between couples. Over the years, the proportion of couples struggling to suspicious character of the couples who walk one, and is a major concern for the divorce. Psychiatrists and counselors, marriage, such as people with some kind of problem that need immediate treatment. The inability to someone completely sometimes called the phobia of being cheated again trust what referred to a failed relationship.

4. Family – yours or mine ?? / Monster In-Laws

Probably the most common reason that you secure your place from day 1, struggling with laws / other family matters always takes precedence over all the love that rules over them. Whose family is more important ?? My family is not enough care … ?? These are relatively common arguments that occur between couples. In addition, if these extended families here is their opinion on any matter of concern to the couple struggle with violent clashes worse from both sides, which sometimes creeps even relatives / family members.

3. Lack of level of passion / desire Mismatch

Although a very secret affair, especially in countries like India, where tradition takes precedence over the fundamental conjugal rights, but the lack of passion was a major factor, the fights between couples, if one sees that it can lead to divorce. We can not deny that we must comply with all carnal desires, and we expect our partners to be compatible not only in general marital problems, but also in bed. Unfortunately, the pressure of stress, work is primarily caused by the hectic lifestyle that lead leads to fewer physical implication between couples has. Unfulfilled desires can lead haughty temper, bitterness et al. Sometimes matching sexual desires also lead to differences between the partners.

2. Me-Time

Marriage means interacting not only with your partner, but his / her family. And the “family” is extended with office colleagues, friends, colleagues and Health Club Playground et al. And then even if you succeed, some time to find it alone should be reserved exclusively for your partner. Find my time to time is sometimes a little difficult. And that’s also one of the main reasons for the arguments / fights between couples. Give your partner space, and a break for himself and is a very important ingredient for a successful marriage. But this is something that just happens erupts as arguments, such as “how it wants to spend time without me ?? ‘. This time factor I’ve always been a big problem in couples is seemingly inevitable.

1. Ego

I would definitely put this on the top of the list, as I feel, is something that is spoiling. Marriage is a blessing for each pair and may be increased in order to feel the sky when the two people who are dedicated to put aside his ego and delivered in a setting. Even if your partner is saying something done in a certain way is a slight deviation from the way they have to do and to see them as an inspiration and mixed therein. Life is full of compromises and marriage that has to come from both ends. But usually that is not like crossing the road ego. When any kind of commitment that you feel he / she is apparently bent on unfair or unwarranted. And because these cracks begin to appear and eventually expand the happiest couple also.